World Event: Children’s Week

World Event: Children's Week

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World Event: Children’s Week:

Starting on May 1st, 2023, for one week is the World Event: Children’s Week. There are a lot of gold-making opportunities during this event, from Companion Pets (Battle Pets) to Flawless Battle-Stones.

Unsure of what Companion Pets to obtain? Continue reading for more information!

Wowhead Children’s Week Guide:

Before I start, this event has many quests you can start and complete, most of which lead you to earn many Companion Pets. Instead of trying to rehash most of the information from in-game and Wowhead, I’d prefer to redirect you to Wowhead instead.

Check out Wowhead’s Children’s Week Guide. Please pay close attention to the quests available; I’ll reassure you why next!

Limitations and Restrictions:

There are a set of quests for different continents, which end in you returning your Orphan. Upon completion, you will earn a Companion Pet. However, there are limitations preventing you from obtaining multiples of the same Companion Pet, and there’s a restriction that ensures you can only complete each continent’s quests once per year on any one character!

To bypass these, I suggest you complete the Orphanage quests on alternative characters to avoid these limitations. The more characters you use, the more Companion Pets and Flawless Battle-Stones you can earn!

Even if you have all the Companion Pets, complete the quests each year to obtain the Pet Care Package. More information later!

Companion Pets Available:

Unlike other World Events, you don’t purchase the Companion Pets with a currency; instead, you complete quests, and when you return the Orphan, you can choose a Companion Pet. You will receive an alternative reward if you have all the pets already on that given character.

While the Companion Pets are Bind on Pickup, you can learn the pet and cage it, which becomes a Battle Pet. In doing so, the Battle Pet can be bought and sold at the Auction House. However, the two Battle Pets assigned with (*) are not tradable!

Here is a list of the Battle Pets you can earn throughout the World Event: Children’s Week.

Battle Pet Values:

Here are some values that may be of interest to you. These values may also dictate what Companion Pet you may want to choose. Please remember these values are median values across the Region. I recommend checking out the Oribos Exchange and inputting your Realm for a more precise valuation!

Expect the value to fluctuate during the World Event.

Battle Pets U.S. Median Value E.U Median Value
Mr. Wiggles 6600g 00s 7280g 00s
Whiskers the Rat 11400g 00s 12100g 00s
Speedy 6000g 00s 7780g 00s
Scooter the Snail 22000g 00s 17500g 00s
Egbert 13800g 00s 11100g 00s
Peanut 21900g 00s 16600g 00s
Willy 12800g 00s 10900g 00s
Legs 28800g 00s 21900g 00s
Scaley 75000g 00s 46400g 00s
Mr. Crabs 51700g 00s 35000g 00s
Beakbert 55900g 00s 31900g 00s
Froglet 55000g 00s 29900g 00s

Flawless Battle-Stone:

If you’ve earned all the Companion Pets available for any one character, you will, in most cases, get an option to receive either a Pet Care Package or Curmudgeon’s Payoff. I can’t stress this enough, always opt for the Pet Care Package!

The Curmudgeon’s Payoff is 5g, and that’s it! Alternatively, pick the Pet Care Package, and you’ll receive some goodies to assist in leveling Battle Pets. The item of interest is the Flawless Battle-Stone. This item can be bought and sold at the Auction House.

Item U.S. Median Value E.U Median Value
Flawless Battle-Stone 7250g 00s 8900g 00s

Posting your Items:

May I quickly take this opportunity to remind you that it’s to your benefit not to post your items while the World Event: Children’s Week is active! While the event is in progress, the Auction House may be saturated with items you want to sell. Posting your items now floods the market further – we aim to profit from supply and demand!

I suggest holding off until the event finishes. If you see items on the Auction House you deem flippable, consider purchasing them in a bid to post your items at your price point at a later date.

Remember to use the Oribos Exchange for a guide to the valuation of the items you’ve earned. If you have TradeSkillMaster (TSM), using the in-game TSM Add-on, consider looking at the Market Value on your items Tooltip, you can gauge if the value is volatile via the upward or downward arrow in the brackets for your realm!

Children’s Week & The Trading Post:

You can complete six activities during the World Event: Children’s Week that will earn you progress toward the Trading Post. You can earn 550 Trader’s Tender if you complete all the tasks.

I haven’t added the tasks in case these change in the future. Alternatively, open the Adventure Guide (in-game) and select the Holidays and Events tab to confirm the activities associated with Children’s Week and the Trading Post.

Unsure what the Trading Post is about? Check out my blog post: The Trading Post.


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