Altoholic (Addon)


Today’s add-on review concerns one of the first add-ons I installed, Altoholic. The add-on could keep a considerable amount of information regarding your characters in every realm/account in one place. For someone like myself, who, for example, has approximately 200 characters across multiple realms/accounts, this is an essential and reliable add-on.


Here are a couple of the benefits that Altoholic offers.


Altoholic can warn you that mail is about to expire or is due to be returned. So those days of losing mail, when they expire, are long gone.

Personal Bank – Guild Bank:

Altoholic can track all the items stored in your Personal Bank or Guild Banks on all your characters. For Altoholic to correctly collect data on items within these banks, you must regularly open your banks to update the add-on.

Item Tracker:

This feature allows you to track all the items in your inventory on all your characters. This option is now also available within TSM4.


You can view a specific character’s equipped gearTalentsGlyphs, and Professions via the character tab.


The ability to search for something particular within your characters. Ideal if you have an item on another character but are unsure who.


 Altoholic can keep track of your Gold balance on all of your characters. This option is excellent if you have multiple realms and accounts!


Today, many add-ons can offer the same as Altoholic, but individually, if you require something as an all-in-one, I suggest trying Altoholic. You can download Altoholic HERE.

I hope you found this review helpful.

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