Patch 6.2.3 coming on 17.11.15

As informed a couple of weeks ago, Blizzard was implementing a patch onto the PTR (6.2.3), to give us some content. Sadly, this is likely to be our last installment until Legion, but I’m sure you’d agree with the old adage “Something is better than nothing” is well suited for this patch. The release of the patch will hit live tomorrow, Tuesday 17th November (Wednesday 18th November [EU]).

If you’ve missed the news about Patch 6.2.3, and want to know whats coming, then fear not, here’s a link to Wowheads Patch 6.2.3 Survival Guide.

Although I’m fully aware that this is nothing more than a filler patch to occupy us till the release of Legion, I still appreciate the fact that Blizzard were good enough to give us something. I’m looking forward to the new Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeons and to further boost my gear, thanks to the return of the Valor system.

As you’ll know, I don’t raid, due to time restrictions, but I will in time, be looking at purchasing a boost for HC or Mythic Archimonde. At the moment, the 80k-100k for a spot, seems a little steep, especially, when you only want the boost, for the new ilvl 800 Heirloom Trinket. Either way, I’m happy to wait it out. History shows us that the closer you get to a new expansion, the lower the price goes down.

Cya in-game guys and as ever, thank you for reading!

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