Unlocking the Runic Ward (Zskera Vaults)

Unlocking the Runic Ward (Zskera Vaults)

The Runic Ward:

The Runic Ward is a treasure chest locked behind a Runic Puzzle. You can find the chest in a locked room within the Zskera Vault, the Forbidden Reach. Continue reading to find out how to solve the Runic Puzzle and more!

Zskera Vault Keys:

To access the Zskera Vaults, you must obtain Zskera Vault Keys. The most efficient method for me is to purchase the Reliquary Scroll of Perception from Cataloger Daela for 2000 Elemental Overflow. If you buy and use the scroll before completing any content on the Forbidden Reach, you can defeat Rares and complete World Quests as you search for Avian Troves, Bone Piles, and Obsidian Coffers!

Check out my previous blog post: Farming Zskera Vault Keys, for further information!

How Many Keys Will I Need?

To guarantee you find the room with the Runic Puzzle, you must farm 30 Zskera Vault Keys, as there are 30 Vaults available. As this is a private instance, rooms will differ from other players, meaning there’s little point in me sharing the room I found the Runic Ward.

Unlocking the Runic Ward:

So you’ve successfully found the Runic Ward, and you’re having difficulties unlocking it. Here’s how to do it! Walk up to the front of the chest! You will see 4 Runes; clicking on the Runes in the correct order will unlock the Runic Puzzle and reward you with access to the treasure chest.

Selecting a Rune out of sequence will result in a push-back and suffering damage. If you enter the sequence incorrectly multiple times in a short space of time (without healing), you can die!

How To: Unlocking the Runic Ward (Zskera Vaults).

For clarification, the Runes are numbered from 1 to 4, left to right! If you turn your character left and right (A and D), you will notice that the selected Rune changes. Use the left key (Keybind: A) to move the selected Rune left and the right key (Keybind: D) to move the selected Rune right!

When you have the Rune you want to use, use the Interact Key (Keybind: F) to select your Rune in the order below!

The correct order is 2, 4, 3, 1.

And voila, you have your Treasure!


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