Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough:

With all my Auction House routines completed for the fortnight, I fancied some Dragonflight pre-patch gameplay, so I decided to do a Dracthyr Evoker playthrough. And I was amazed at how fun Dracthyr was.

Please continue reading to follow my journey to level 60 and showcase what the Forbidden Reach has to offer!

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How to Fix Missing Addon Folders within World of Warcraft

Good morning! Today’s post is for the readers that may not be following me on Twitter. If you’ve been experiencing Addon issues, either the folders have gone missing or Addons not updating as intended since Shadowlands released (like the issues I’ve added below), then follow my advice below to resolve them.

My issues were regarding the Addon client WoWUp and the Addons AzerothAutoPilot and BigWigs. These were working when Shadowlands released but have recently had their dependant folders deleted and the remaining folders still within the game. I did not do this! If you’re experiencing the same or with different Addons or via a different client, the resolution should be the same.

The Fix:

Exit World of Warcraft to prevent any issues.

Start WoWUp or your preferred Addons client.

Make sure you have Retail selected (or your desired version of World of Warcraft)

Find the Addon that isn’t working/updating as intended; right-click the Addon and select reinstall as shown below.

Log back into World of Warcraft, bring up the Addons panel and select the Addons that you’ve reinstalled and /reloadui to complete your changes.

Voila, the Addons will have had their missing folders reinstalled and should work/update properly once again.

I hope this helps! Please consider sharing to help your fellow players.

Altoholic (Addon)

Today’s addon review is regarding one of the very first addons I installed, called Altoholic. This was a fantastic addon, which could keep a considerable amount of information regarding all of your characters on every realm in one place. For someone like myself, whom for example has 12 level 100’s, approximately 15 level 90’s across multiple realms, this is an essential and reliable addon.

Here are a couple of the essential benefits that I’ve added below.

Mail – Altoholic can warn you that mail is about to expire, or mail that’s due to be returned. So those days of losing mail, when they expire, are long gone.

Guild Bank – keeps track of all the items stored in Guild Banks on all your characters.

Item Tracker – Tracks all the items in your inventory on all your characters. This is now also available within TSM3.

Characters – This option gives you a detailed look of your all your characters Gear, Talents, Glyphs and Professions.

Search – The ability to search for something particular within all of your characters. Ideal if you have an item on another character, but unsure who.

Gold – Keeps track of your Gold balance on all of your characters.

Altoholic first released back in 2008 and has been an integral part of my addons, with this, it’s made my life so much easier. I’d hate to imagine how much gold, items I’ve had deleted, not checking my mail before expiry.

Today, there are many addons, that may do the same as above, but individually, if you require something, as an all in one, then I suggest giving Altoholic a try. The only downside would probably be the memory usage to run the addon, this is dependent on the number of characters it’s covering. Still, if your fortunate like myself to have an excellent PC or laptop, then this won’t be an issue at all.

You can download Altoholic from Curse.com, HERE.

I hope you found this review helpful.