Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests!

Iskaar Tuskarr: Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests

Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests

You may have noticed recently that the valuation of fish from within the Dragon Isles has dropped significantly. It is now a viable option to Mass Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests for Iskaara Tuskaar reputation.

Please continue reading if you’re interested in power-leveling your Iskaar Tuskaar Renown, advice on Addons and Macros, or further information!

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Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough:

With all my Auction House routines completed for the fortnight, I fancied some Dragonflight pre-patch gameplay, so I decided to do a Dracthyr Evoker playthrough. And I was amazed at how fun Dracthyr was.

Please continue reading to follow my journey to level 60 and showcase what the Forbidden Reach has to offer!

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How to Fix Missing Addon Folders within World of Warcraft

Good morning! Today’s post is for the readers that may not be following me on Twitter. If you’ve been experiencing Addon issues, either the folders have gone missing or Addons not updating as intended since Shadowlands released (like the issues I’ve added below), then follow my advice below to resolve them.

My issues were regarding the Addon client WoWUp and the Addons AzerothAutoPilot and BigWigs. These were working when Shadowlands released but have recently had their dependant folders deleted and the remaining folders still within the game. I did not do this! If you’re experiencing the same or with different Addons or via a different client, the resolution should be the same.

The Fix:

Exit World of Warcraft to prevent any issues.

Start WoWUp or your preferred Addons client.

Make sure you have Retail selected (or your desired version of World of Warcraft)

Find the Addon that isn’t working/updating as intended; right-click the Addon and select reinstall as shown below.

Log back into World of Warcraft, bring up the Addons panel and select the Addons that you’ve reinstalled and /reloadui to complete your changes.

Voila, the Addons will have had their missing folders reinstalled and should work/update properly once again.

I hope this helps! Please consider sharing to help your fellow players.

Altoholic (Addon)


Today’s add-on review concerns one of the first add-ons I installed, Altoholic. The add-on could keep a considerable amount of information regarding your characters in every realm/account in one place. For someone like myself, who, for example, has approximately 200 characters across multiple realms/accounts, this is an essential and reliable add-on.


Here are a couple of the benefits that Altoholic offers.


Altoholic can warn you that mail is about to expire or is due to be returned. So those days of losing mail, when they expire, are long gone.

Personal Bank – Guild Bank:

Altoholic can track all the items stored in your Personal Bank or Guild Banks on all your characters. For Altoholic to correctly collect data on items within these banks, you must regularly open your banks to update the add-on.

Item Tracker:

This feature allows you to track all the items in your inventory on all your characters. This option is now also available within TSM4.


You can view a specific character’s equipped gearTalentsGlyphs, and Professions via the character tab.


The ability to search for something particular within your characters. Ideal if you have an item on another character but are unsure who.


 Altoholic can keep track of your Gold balance on all of your characters. This option is excellent if you have multiple realms and accounts!


Today, many add-ons can offer the same as Altoholic, but individually, if you require something as an all-in-one, I suggest trying Altoholic. You can download Altoholic HERE.

I hope you found this review helpful.



If you haven’t been fortunate enough to have heard about LootAppraiser until now and you’re an avid farmer like myself, then you’ve been missing out. LootAppraiser, in the words of the developer, Wowprofitz “making farming sexy”…lol.

The add-on uses data from TSM (i.e. DBmarket) for your item value and alerts you when you loot something significant. This can be changed to what suits you. Click here to see a video regarding the addon by Wowprofitz.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to watch some of his recent streams on Twitch and see this addon in full swing. Wowprofitz is a well-known person to many around the gold-making scene. Check out his content on his Youtube channel and Twitch channel.

Be sure to follow and subscribe to him for future updates and tips.

My Review of LootAppraiser:

Since I started using LootAppraiser, I’ve noticed that I don’t have to pay so much attention to the loot box to see what I’m looting. Instead, this marvelous add-on has an alert that pings when I loot something of value. It will also keep a running total of the potential gold made throughout the session. It also has a little stopwatch to track the total time of your current session.

For my settings, I only get notifications on items looted above 1k and that of uncommon quality or above. So if something is looted for 1k or above and is Green, Rare or Epic quality, I will get a notification.

However, looted grey items or items of no interest will be ignored as such, but the vendor value will still be in the total of gold made in the current session.

LootAppraiser in BETA:

It’s important to remember that at this stage, the addon is in the Beta phase. Wowprofitz is always looking to improve the add-on further. If it continues to improve, I can see this addon becoming an important tool for gold farmers in World of Warcraft.

Thanks for reading, guys, and don’t forget to share some love with the developer Wowprofits. Be sure to post your epic loot below!