Darkmoon Faire (05.02.23)


The Darkmoon Faire Is In Town!

The Darkmoon Faire:

It’s the first Sunday of February, so we have the delightful Darkmoon Faire back in town. There’s plenty of GoldMaking potential for the next seven days, not forgetting two tasks you can complete for your Trading Post!

If you’re unsure what the Trading Post is about, check out my blog post: The Trading Post.

Trading Post Tasks:

You can complete two tasks from the Trading Post simultaneously; one requires the Darkmoon Faire to be active, and the other is beneficial because you can purchase the items simultaneously!

  • Darkmoon Faire: Set Out a Big Berry Pie.
  • Eat a Chocolate Cake Slice, Lovely Cake Slice, and Berry Pie Slice.

At coordinates [51.62] of the Darkmoon Isle, you’ll find the vendor Aimee; she occupies the second tent on the left-hand side as you enter the Darkmoon Faire. She’s easily distinguishable from the other tents as she has several cakes visible on her counters.

Purchase the following items.

Once you’ve purchased them, place them at your feet and take a slice! All that’s left to do is fill your face with pie and cake and earn some easy Trader’s Tender.

What Else Can I Do?

There are plenty of activities available to you! Before you start, make sure to ride the rollercoaster or carousel for the whee! buff, especially if you’re below level 70! If you’ve acquired Darkmoon Artifacts, turn them in for Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

If you’re still leveling your Dragon Isles professions, make sure you complete the profession quest(s). This opportunity is an excellent method to earn skill points, knowledge points, and some Artisan’s Mettle.

More importantly, plenty of vendors around where you can purchase items for Darkmoon Prize Tickets that can earn you a lot of gold on the Auction House, especially Companion Pets and Replica Transmog!

Don’t forget the two cooking recipes from Galissa Sundew; they cost 10 Darkmoon Daggermaw each and can sell between 2-5k gold each (server dependent).

For in-depth advice regarding the Darkmoon Faire, check out my guide: The Darkmoon Faire.

Silas’ Secret Stash:

If you’ve created a new character since the last time you visited the Darkmoon Faire, don’t forget to complete the one-time quest: Silas’ Secret Stash. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain 100 Darkmoon Prize tickets, and it will only take about 10 minutes to complete.

Make sure you’ve completed this on every character! If you’re unsure, input this script in-game. /script print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(38934))

Check out my video below for directions for all the buried clues! Alternatively, check out my guide: Silas’ Secret Stash.

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