Goblin Weather Machine

Goblin Weather Machine

Goblin Weather Machine:

You can obtain the Toy: Goblin Weather Machine during the next five days, starting today! Continue reading my blog post to see how you can earn this toy. This promotion starts on the 1st of February and ends on the 6th of February at 8 pm GMT!

The date and time will differ depending on your time zone!

What is the Goblin Weather Machine:

The Toy: Goblin Weather Machine was available from the Trading Card Game, alternatively known as TCG. The toy was also added to the Black Market Auction House and can be found within an Unclaimed Black Market Container.

The toy cannot be purchased or sold at the normal Auction House. Once claimed in-game, the item is Bind on Pickup.

What Does the Goblin Weather Machine Do?

This toy, when used, will give you one of four different weather effects.

  • Sun
  • Clouds
  • Showers with a chance of lightning
  • Snow

How to Earn the Goblin Weather Machine:

Start watching a World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch that has drops enabled to earn the Goblin Weather Machine. View the Category: World of Warcraft, and look for any streamers with the ‘Drops enabled‘ tag.

For example, I’ve started watching Towelliee, and I will need to watch a total of four hours to earn my Toy: Goblin Weather Machine.

Please make sure you have your Battle.net account linked with your Twitch account to correctly earn progress to any rewards available from this and any future promotions for World of Warcraft and Twitch.

Note: There are no additional benefits from subscribing or watching multiple streamers simultaneously!

How to Link WoW and Twitch:

Follow these instructions to connect your Battle.net account with your Twitch account.

  1. Log in to your Battle.net account.
  2. Go to your Battle.net Connections page.
  3. Click Connect next to Twitch and follow the instructions.

How to Check your Progress:

By left-clicking on your profile picture at the top right-hand corner of the Twitch page, you can see a progress bar under the section: Drops & Rewards.

If this bar isn’t visible on this drop-down menu, click on Drops & Rewards to be taken to the page, this will show all your progress for Drops & Rewards currently active. This page also displays all your completed Drops & Rewards.

Your progress will be saved, so if you switch channels to another eligible streamer, your progress will continue!

Twitch Drop Progress

Claiming your Reward:

Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, you will have the option to claim your reward. There are usually time limits on how long you have to claim your prize; make sure you claim your prize within seven days to prevent disappointment.

Once you’ve claimed your prize, the toy should be available from your Collections tab in-game!

I’m Experiencing Issues; what do I do?!

If you’re experiencing any issues regarding your progress or inability to claim your prize, contact support immediately!

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