World Event: Love is in the Air

World Event: Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air:

Today, Monday 6th of February sees the start of the World Event: Love is in the Air. There are plenty of Gold-Making opportunities available during the next two weeks! If you haven’t got your Big Love Rocket yet… now is your time to shine!

Continue reading for more information regarding some of the content available to you!

Crown Chemical Co. Vendor:

You can find the Crown Chemical Co. vendor within your Faction’s cities. I’ve added coordinates for each city below!

  • Ironforge [33.66]
  • Stormwind City [62.75]
  • Darnassus [45.57]
  • The Exodar [74.56]
  • Orgrimmar [52.77]
  • Thunder Bluff [43.53]
  • Silvermoon City [64.67]
  • Undercity [66.38]


Firstly, I want to draw your attention to the currency: Love Token, that you’ll be collecting during the next two weeks. You will need Love Tokens to purchase desirable items from the Crown Chemical Co. vendor, notably the Mount: Swift Lovebird.

The easiest way to collect Love Tokens is by defeating mobs that reward Lovely Charms; once you have ten, you can create a Lovely Charm Bracelet. You can then trade one Lovely Charm Bracelet for one Love Token.

Farming Lovely Charms:

Before you start, pick up the Daily: A Gift for the Emissary of [City]; this will give you a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit. This kit will allow you to loot Lovely Charms upon killing an enemy.

In previous expansions, it’s been beneficial to farm densely populated mobs within your level with instant respawns. As Love is in the Air has just started today, it’s too soon to predict an optimal farm for level 70 characters within the Dragon Isles.

However, if you have alts that meet the level requirements, check out some of the previous farming locations below and see if they work for you. 


It appears that the scenario: Death of Chromie is still a great method to obtain Lovely Charms. Remember, you’re simply killing mobs, not trying to complete the scenario in time.

Be aware the scenario is unavailable to Dracthyr Evokers.

Trading Lovely Charm Bracelets:

I wanted to draw your attention to an oversight many players make; when farming Lovely Charms, you need to create Lovely Charm Bracelets; you can either trade these in for Love Tokens (as mentioned above) or sell these on the Auction House.

Importantly, whatever you decide to do, make sure you’ve sold the Lovely Charm Bracelets or traded them for Love Tokens before the event finishes!

A Lovely Charm Bracelet averages approximately 300-400g each at the Auction House!

Trading Post Tasks:

Dragonflight patch 10.0.5 saw the introduction of the Trading Post. This new addition gave players a set of monthly tasks that players could choose to complete for Trader’s Tender. For more information, please read my blog post: The Trading Post.

This year, there are four Trading Post tasks that you can complete. These will reward you with Trader’s Tender upon completion. You can find these tasks within the Traveler’s Log (Shift+J) under the category: Holidays and Events in-game.

The Tasks:
  • Love is in the Air: Complete “Bonbon Blitz”
  • Love is in the Air: Have a Romantic Picinic in Ohn’ahran Plains
  • Love is in the Air: Present a Lovely Charm Bracelet
  • Love is in the Air: Use Peddlefeet’s Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles

Completing all these tasks will reward you with a total of 600 Trader’s Tenders!

Items of Interest:

There are two Companion Pets, two Toys, and a Mount that might interest you! The two Toys will assist you in completing two of the abovementioned tasks, and the Mount is tradable at the Auction House.

However, the two Companion Pets may be worthless due to the 40 Love Tokens to purchase them and the price they’re valued at on the Auction House. I’d recommend steering clear of them both!

I’ve added the average value of a Swift Lovebird in the brackets below. Check out The Undermine Journal or Oribos Exchange for the valuation of the mount on your realm! Remember, the Swift Lovebird is a unique item; this means you can only have one mount within your inventory at any one time!

Companion Pets:

X-45 Heartbreaker (Big Love Rocket):

It is arguably one of the most anticipated mounts in World of Warcraft because of its appalling drop rate. Over all the years I’ve played the game, not only have I not had it drop, but neither has it dropped for anyone in my party.

To put this into perspective, only 3% of the profiles connected to Wowhead have attained the X-45 Heartbreaker (Big Love Rocket).

However, according to Wowhead, Blizzard has increased the drop rate significantly. Sadly, this increase is only available for the first Heart-Shaped Box looted on any character across your account.

If you want to try and obtain your X-45 Heartbreaker (Big Love Rocket), queue up for The Crown Chemical Co. dungeon, available from your Group Finder (I) tool. You must be level 50 or above to queue for the dungeon!

Remember to complete the Dungeon on all your level 50 and above characters to increase your chances of obtaining the Mount!

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Thanks for reading!

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