Farming Lovely Charms in Dragonflight (Level 70)

Love Charm Farm - Dragonflight

Farming Lovely Charms in Dragonflight

If you’re a max-level character (level 70) and still looking for an ideal spot for farming Lovely Charms, then look no further as I share an area I accidentally came across while completing my dailies today!

Love is in the Air:

If you’ve not been online in World of Warcraft for a while, you might’ve missed that the World Event: Love is in the Air is back! However, there’s only a week left of the event, so you best get cracking!

Check out my blog post: Love is in the Air, for more information regarding the World Event.

Before Getting Started!

Ensure you obtain the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit from the Crown Chemical Co. NPC (Public Relations Agent) located in your Factions major city. Without it, you can’t acquire Lovely Charms upon killing mobs.

Make sure the mobs you’re killing are within your level.

The Farming Location:

As I mentioned at the beginning, this was merely a fluke, and it turned out to be a good location. The location is in Azure Span, coordinates [16.37]. You’ll see a large congregation of Brackenhide Scrappers. These are not elites; however, Brackenhide Putrifiers are scattered around and can be a hindrance.

Depending on the class you’re playing, be careful about how many mobs you collect in one go. A class with good AoE and self-healing will be best here.

If need be, look out for other players in the area, and see if they want to group up. Many asked me what I was doing and why; it was pretty straightforward once I shared my reasoning, and most were happy to jump in.

Map showing Lovely Charm Farm

Clearing the Area:

Upon clearing the first half (left-hand side), you’ll be glad to know to the east (right-hand side) is another pack of Brackenhide Scrappers. I’ve added a screenshot below.

Using the image provided, I start on the left-hand side and then make my way to the right side. By the time I’ve cleared the right-hand side, the left-hand side mobs should start respawning!

You might experience a slight delay on respawn if you’re working in a group and clear mobs quicker.

Lovely Charm Farm - Azure Span

Lovely Charms per Hour?

In one hour, I managed to farm 182 Lovely Charms. Results will vary depending on the competition for mobs and, obviously, the dreaded drop rate; damn you, RNG!

Alternative Location:

Brackenhide Hollow:

If you can guarantee a group, you could also consider the elite mobs near Brackenhide Hollow coordinates [10.32]. The good thing is there are tons of them, and you can quickly kill all the mobs in both locations.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled on the rares located nearby.

Death of Chromie:

Alternatively, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, you can check out the Scenario: Death of Chromie. There’s no need to complete the scenario again; concentrate on killing all the mobs. The instance scales you down to all the mob’s levels, which are easy to defeat!

Additional Loot:

My character has Enchanting, and I’ve specialized in Insight of the Blue; if you have as well, you’ll pick up Mystic items that you can disenchant. There are plenty of grey items, uncommon BoEs, and other trash you can sell for gold.

Remember, thanks to the new Transmog changes in Patch 10.0.5, you can now collect Transmog from grey items; be sure to collect any appearance(s) you haven’t collected before selling to a vendor!

Have a Better Location?

If you have a better location and want to share it, consider commenting in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading!

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