Farming: Sunwell Plateau

Farming: Sunwell Plateau.

Farming: Sunwell Plateau

On the Isle of Quel’Danas is a raid instance called Sunwell Plateau. The raid was released back in The Burning Crusade (TBC), and due to the RecipesGems (Crimson Spinel), and Transmog on offer, it still has a lot of appeal to many players.

The main benefit is the trash mobs scattered around the beginning of the raid. With the ability to mount up and travel through the instance, collecting all the mobs and quickly AoE them down means each trash run can be very efficient; if done correctly.

If you’re following this guide, you mustn’t pull any bosses. Failure to adhere to this, and kill any of the bosses, will incur a raid lockout.

How to get to Sunwell Plateau?

Take a portal to Shattrath City, and within the Terrace of Light, find the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas, situated at coordinates, [48.41]. To access this portal, make sure you’re not mounted; otherwise, you’ll be prevented from successfully using the portal until you dismount!

Once you’ve arrived on the Isle of Quel’Danas, travel the short distance to coordinates [44.45], Sunwell Plateau, you have reached your destination!

The Aim of the Game!

As mentioned above, we’re merely here to farm the trash mobs, ignoring all the bosses. Due to the layout of the instance, we’re prevented from going any further than the first boss, Kalecgos.

Our aim is to loot Crimson Spinels. Why? you ask! Well since the release of the Mage Tower, I’ve sold 330 different cuts of Crimson Spinel, totaling 781k gold. That’s approximately 2.3k gold per Crimson Spinel.

The Value of Crimson Spinel's

Once you’ve defeated all the trash mobs, exit the instance and reset the raid. Rinse and repeat until you’ve burned yourself out or collected the items you’re farming.

Comfortable Rider’s Barding:

If you want to decrease the chance of being dazed or dismounted, consider opting for the mount equipment: Comfortable Rider’s Barding. It would help if you were level 10 or above, and given this blog post is regarding Farming: Sunwell Plateau, I’d imagine you easily meet this requirement.

This piece of equipment does not work on a Sky Golem!

Points of Interest:

I’ve illustrated the points of interest in the image provided. Please find below the necessary information to help with your trash farm.

Sunwell Plateau Guide

  • 1Entrance/Exit.
  • 2: The first area (inc. Sunblade Protector patrol).
  • 3: The second area.
  • 4: The third area.
  • 5Stairway.
  • 6: Pack of mobs.
  • 7Sunblade protector patrol (in front of Kalecgos).
  • 8: The last pack of mobs.
  • Purple ring/line/arrowSunblade Protector.
  • Yellow Route: Suggested route.
  • Red Circles: Packs of mobs.

The Beginning!

Once you’ve entered the raid, head straight to the first area (2), highlighted in the image above; you will find a Sunblade Protector patrolling around a tree and two packs of mobs (highlighted by two red rings) situated under two arches. To begin your pull, get close enough to attract them, and they will chase you.

Make your way through the next courtyard (3), pulling all the mobs on your left and right-hand side. Be sure to activate any deactivated Sunblabe Protectors on the sides (highlighted by a purple arrow). If you’re here to collect Crimson Spinel’s, these Sunblade Protector’s have an excellent chance to drop them.

Be warned that these mobs have an increased chance to dismount you if you haven’t equipped the Comfortable Rider’s Barding. If you get dismounted, use a pillar or a corner to line of sight (LoS) the mobs and kill them all. Be careful of any stragglers, as you will not be able to mount up again until all the mobs you’ve pulled are dead.

Make your way through the next courtyard (4) and continue to pull the mobs and Sunblade Protector’s until you reach a set of stairs (5). Feel free to stack up the mobs here and kill them all if you haven’t done so already. Line of sight is essential because the NPC’s are ranged casters; hiding behind pillars will force them to come within melee distance.

The Stairway!

From hereon, we take the stairs (5); there are only a couple more packs and patrols left (6). Again, if you pull the mobs and get dismounted, use the pillar to LoS the mobs, and kill them all, and mount up once more.

Make your way around the outskirts following the path outlined above, and you’ll find another Sunblade Protector patrolling in front of Kalecgos (7). Careful not to pull the boss. Once you’ve pulled the Sunblade Protector, head back down to the final pack of mobs (8), LoS behind a pillar, and kill all the enemies you’ve collected.

If you have the Comfortable Rider’s Barding equipped, you can run this entire path without getting dismounted from the start (1) to finish (8)!

Youtube Clip:

Here’s a brief clip outlining the route, and how I collect and AOE the mobs. If you found the clip helpful, be sure to like and subscribe for future content.

Exiting the Instance:

There are two methods here.

Option one, run back to the entrance, exit, and (using the script below) reset all instances. Rinse and repeat!

Option Two, alternatively, if you have a class portal Deathknight (Death Gate), Druid (Dreamwalk), or Monk (Transcendence), use your class portal to leave the instance. Once you’re out of the instance, hit the portal once more to return to the nearest graveyard. Once back (using the script below), reset all instances.

The class portals are normally beneficial in instances where you can’t mount up, and exit quickly (i.e. Uldaman)

Resetting all Instances:

Here’s an excellent script for resetting all instances. Copy and paste this into the chatbox, then press enter, and voila! alternatively, create a macro and add it to your action bar, for an instant reset all instances one-click macro.

/script ResetInstances();

Check out this blog post for more information regarding the script.

Instance Limits:

Please be aware that there’s an instance limit of ten instances per one-hour period. As these trash runs can easily take a couple of minutes to complete, you’ll quickly hit this limit. I tend to log an alt and do something else while the cap resets. 

Currently, my alt is sitting within/nearby Black Temple. This way, I have the best of both worlds, farming different locations. Importantly, this prevents farming from becoming tedious.


I’d also recommend having a mount that has a vendor/repair on it. Having a vendor at your disposal will make clearing your bags very efficient. Otherwise, if you don’t have one, there is a vendor Smith Hauthaa situated close by at the harbor, coordinates [50.40].

Mounts of interest:


Crimson Spinel’s are a gem of great interest with the scaling benefits from the World Event: TimewalkingSunwell Plateau and the Black Temple have excellent trash packs, meaning it’s easy to farm these gems.

With the ability to mount up within Sunwell Plateau and the improved drop chance of gems from Sunblade Protector’sI’d suggest running Sunwell Plateau over Black Temple!


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Farming: Timewalking Materials

Farming: Timewalking Materials

Farming: Timewalking Materials

If you’ve read my previous blog post regarding the new World Event: Legion Timwalking, you will know the substantial amounts of gold you can earn, crafting: Gear, Enchants, Gems, and other consumables. The reason for the sudden demand is the reintroduction of the Mage Tower. Today’s blog will cover in greater detail how Farming: Timewalking Materials can and will net you a lot of gold!

The Mage Tower will now last until the first reset in January 2022!

However, have no fear if you don’t have a profession that can craft the gear or consumables! As the demand increases, the materials needed to create them will quickly decline. Now, you could profit here if you have a character that can farm materials (i.e., Herbs, Ore, Cloth, Leather, etc.).

Below, I’ll cover some materials to farm, including hints and tips on how best to price your materials to get the best bang for your buck. 

Pricing Your Materials:

Your aim here is to sell your farmed materials at a price that will entice a buyer (crafter). If you price them too high, there’s no value for the crafter, and they won’t buy them! However, if you price them too low, you risk other farmers flipping your materials. To assist you, I have two options here, including examples.

Option 1) Use TheUndermineJournal to see the current values of the materials. Consider using an average price between the Region Market Value Average (RMA) and Market Value (DBM).


Exotic Leather (RMA) = 30g, (DBM) = 40g average would be 35g each.

Option 2) Alternatively, consider the crafts players will be making for the use of your materials. By calculating the materials needed within that craft, you can get an idea of the value of the materials. 


Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Dragonhide Helm (Leather) ilvl 5410k gold.

Materials needed, 2x Magnificent Hide (or 100 Exotic Leather)

Potential values

Magnificent Hide max 2500g each

Exotic Leather max 25g each.

Option 2 (the method I use) gives the person purchasing your materials an opportunity to earn a potential 5k gold profit upon a successful sale, and you get a reasonable price for your materials.

Always bear in mind the material(s) posting fees before posting to the Auction House. Some materials have a hefty price. Also, consider the benefit of selling Bars over Ore.

Be Careful:

When posting your materials to the Auction House, be extremely careful! Some players purposely post one material at an obscenely low price in a bid for others to accidentally undercut it and then buy up those cheap materials to flip.

I’d recommend either posting manually or adjusting your TSM operations.

Check Your Alts:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you to check your alts. If you played World of Warcraft throughout the expansion: Battle for Azeroth (BFA) and patch 8.3, you’d remember the changes to some of the MoP zones, Uldum, and the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms.

Due to the increased volume of players completing their dailies in these zones, materials were easier to acquire and were extremely cheap. I purchased a lot of the cheap materials; you may have to! So check those alts; you may have expensive materials hiding in your banks.

Materials to Farm:

Here’s a list of materials you can farm that will benefit crafters. Bear in mind the intermediate materials gained from Milling, Prospecting, Leatherworking, Transmuting, Smelting, and Scrapping. Click the links in brackets for their intermediate materials. These can either be farmed too, or purchased from the Auction House!

I’ve added a key below to highlight materials of interest, and where possible, where you can farm them. Alternatively, check out wow-professions for farming guides!

Enchanting Materials:


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Farming: Dragon Soul

Farming: Dragon Soul

Farming: Dragon Soul:

Welcome to my guide Farming: Dragon Soul. With Queen’s Garnets at an absolute premium now, with the introduction of the World Event: Legion Timewalking and the Mage Tower, it’s never been a better time (other than during Cataclysm) to farm the raid: Dragon Soul.

Where is the entrance to Dragon Soul:

You’ll find the entrance to Dragon Soul within the Caverns of Time. Take the portal to Caverns of Time from either Stormwind (Alliance), or Orgrimmar (Horde). Fly down into the Caverns, and check your map for the Raid entrance.

Dragon Soul Entrance and Queue for LFR

Limitations to Raid Lockout:

It’s important to remember that 10/25 man and Normal/Heroic Raids share the same lockout. However, you’ll find Auridormi at the entrance; she will assist you in queuing for Looking for Raid (LFR) solo!

LFR doesn’t share the same lockout, so remember to do both to increase your chances of loot and gems.

How to Acquire Cataclysm Epic Gems:

Upon defeating each boss within Dragon Soul, you’ll receive a small amount of gold, some loot, and upon defeating Deathwing in the final encounter, you also have a chance at a mount. 

Ideally, we’re interested in two items, Crystalline Geode and Elementium-Coated Geode. To purchase these, we need to loot Mote of Darkness (from the Forces of Deathwing) and Essence of Corrupted Deathwing (from defeating Deathwing). To find how many you have, check your currency tab!

You will notice that you’ll loot more Mote of Darkness than Essence of Corrupted Deathwing; this is why doing LFR increases your chances of obtaining more Epic gems.

Once you’ve obtained your Motes and Essence, seek out Dasnurimi within Dragon Soul, he can be found on the ground level of Wyrmrest Tower, coordinates [49.60].

How to defeat the Spine of Deathwing?

Many players struggle to defeat the Spine of Deathwing encounter due to the fight’s mechanics. But, fear not, here’s an excellent video from Haydes Realm, outlining how easy this is if you follow the advice closely!

As always, please do visit Haydes Realm’s Youtube, leave a like, and comment if you found their video helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe for future content!

Final Reminder:

I can’t stress this enough, don’t forget to run LFR! With the price of Queen’s Garnets selling for between 5-10k each, this raid can be a very profitable part of your farming routine. If you have alts that can clear this raid, you have a greater chance of earning a lot more gold.


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Farming: Cobra Scales

Farming Cobra Scales Blog Post Cover

Farming Cobra Scales:

Cobra Scales are an essential material needed to craft eight Transmog pieces. Depending on your realm, these can cost between 200g – 1200g each. To increase your profit margins, I suggest farming these materials yourself, unless you can get your Cobra Scales for 200g.

Transmog Crafts:

I’d recommend ignoring the two Leg Armors, as these are a niche craft and don’t sell too often.

Instead, it would be best to consider crafting these six Transmog pieces below; these crafts demand a lot of gold when sold on the Auction House. Check to see if you have the patterns; if not, check the Auction House for the recipes!

Mobs to Farm:

There are three mobs you can farm and skin to obtain Cobra Scales. They are;

Each mob has a 10% chance to yield a Cobra Scale when skinned. It’s best to farm the Twilight Serpents as they’re easy to farm within Nagrand.

Locations 1 and 2

Once you kill and loot a Twilight Serpent, it takes approximately 5-7 minutes to respawn. Thankfully, we have two close locations that will significantly reduce the time waiting for respawns. The locations are Location 1: Warmaul Hill (Twilight Ridge) and Location 2: Forge Camp: Fear (Twilight Ridge).

I’d suggest clearing Location 1: Warmaul Hill, then quickly moving to the Location 2: Forge Camp. Once cleared, return to Location 1, where the Twilight Serpents should have respawned. Rinse and repeat till you reach your goal.

Location One:

Location 1 Farming Cobra Scales

Warmaul Hill (Twilight Ridge) can be found at coordinates [20.35] within Nagrand. You will find approximately 11 Twilight Serpents here. Scattered around the location are Herb and Ore nodes; if you have Herbalism or Mining, consider farming these too! Also in close proximately are Wild Sparrowhawks; consider killing these if you wish.

Location 2:

Location 2 for farming Cobra Scales

The Forge Camp (Twilight Ridge) is located close by at coordinates [11.40] within Nagrand. When you approach the area, you will notice there is a lot of mobs here. There are approximately 13 Twilight Serpents here. If you wish, you can kill everything you see here. There are also Herb and Ore nodes you can farm too.

Valuing Your Cobra Scales:

If you’d prefer to sell the materials, here are some Regional Median Prices (RMP) from TheUndermineJounal (TUJ)

Material E.U Median U.S Median
Cobra Scales 1200g 00s 1200g 00s

Please consider posting a small amount to the Auction House at any one time. Posting high amounts of Cobra Scales will reduce its value considerably – ideally, we want our customers to believe these items are rare and will continue to hold their value!

Although the Cobra Scales are approximately 1200g each (RMP), I would urge caution and significantly reduce that price if you want to make a sale. Anything around the 200g to 400g mark should entice someone to purchase your Cobra Scales.

The prices suggested above by TUJ are simply a guide and are based on regional data. Be sure to enter your specific realm to obtain precise data for your realm.

 The Results:

Here are my results from farming Location 1: Warmaul Hill and Location 2: Forge Camp for one hour. Please note, I only killed and looted Twilight Serpents. If you kill other mobs in the area, you will get considerably more loot than my results. 

It’s essential to remember that RNG can and will record different results.

I have decided not to highlight the results at the top of this blog post to prevent any possibility of clickbait; I hope you appreciate this decision.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A huge thank you to Wowhead for the use of their item IDs. This post would not have been achievable without their website! All traffic redirected from my blog to their site.


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I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.


Farming: Dark Rune

Farming: Dark Rune.

Farming: Dark Rune:

Dark Rune is an essential material needed to craft seven Transmog pieces. The benefit of farming Dark Rune’s yourself is you’ll have significant profit margins when you complete a Transmog sale. However, if you don’t plan on crafting Transmog, these can be excellent materials to sell on the Auction House for other goblins due to their low deposit fees and their vast valuation.

Transmog Crafts:

There are seven Transmog crafts of interest. There is also the Felcloth Bag, but I’ve never managed to sell one, so I’d recommend not bothering with it! Of the seven crafts, four are from Blacksmithing, and three from Tailoring.

Farming: Corin’s Crossing

I’ve been farming Dark Rune since the end of Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK), mainly for crafting Transmog. The best place to farm these materials is within the tiny village in Eastern Plaguelands, called Corin’s Crossing coordinates [55.62].

Corin's Crossing

There are eight different kinds of mobs here,

All these mobs have a slight chance to drop Dark Rune’s and have a low chance to drop other items, including Essence of Undeath. Click the mobs above to view their loot tables.

Farming: An Alternative Option:

Staying within the Eastern Kingdoms, there’s a single cauldron, which you can find at the coordinates [62.76]. There are fewer mobs at the cauldron than Corin’s Crossing, but these mobs are easily grouped up and killed.

The Cauldron

You can see 11 mobs patrolling around the cauldron. These are Dark Summoners and Vile Tutors. According to Wowhead’s data, they have an 11% and a 9% drop rate, respectively. Collect the mobs up and AOE them down. Once they’ve all died, it will take between 2 minutes, 45 seconds, and 3 minutes before they respawn.

During this time, return to Corin’s Crossing.

Valuing Your Dark Rune’s:

If you’d prefer to sell the materials, here are some Regional Median Prices (RMP) from TheUndermineJounal (TUJ). Please consider posting a small amount to the Auction House at any one time. Posting high amounts of Dark Rune’s will reduce its value considerably – ideally, we want our customers to believe these items are rare and will continue to hold their value!

Material E.U Median U.S Median
Dark Rune 1052g 00s 1200g 00s

The prices suggested above by TUJ are simply a guide and are based on regional data. Be sure to enter your specific realm to obtain precise data for your realm. 

The Rares:

When traveling between the cauldron and Corin’s Crossing, keep your eyes peeled for the raresSnort [57.79] (pictured below)Foreman Marcrid [53.68], and Foreman Jerris [55.68]. As these are close by, you may want to kill these for some decent loot.

The Rare, Snort!

The Results:

Here’s the result of farming the cauldronCorin’s Crossing, and the rare, Snot for one hour. It’s important to remind you, that results will vary from player to player, thanks to RNG. I also decided to value my items based on Region Median Price (RMP), so this was an average value for a fairer assessment.

I have decided not to highlight the results at the top of this blog post to prevent any possibility of clickbait; I hope you appreciate this decision.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Youtube Video:


A huge thank you to Wowhead, for use of their item IDs. This post would not have been achievable without their website! All traffic redirected from my blog to their site.


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I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.

Legion BoEs in Shadowlands

You may recall one of my blogs back in 2016/17 regarding flipping Legion BoEs (aka Legion 101 BoEs) and the outrageous profit margins that were achievable. On the first week of the release of Legion, I looted an a level 101, ilvl 850 ring, which I sold for 500k gold. In 2017 I finally surpassed the 100m gold mark, and a great deal of that achievement was down to farming and flipping Legion BoEs

Legion BoEs in Shadowlands:

Even today, during Shadowlands, I’m still successfully flipping Legion BoEs on all the realms I play on. Although the profit margins aren’t as significant as before, there’s still value in the market. In Legion and Battle for Azeroth, the territory stat: Leech (plus socket) was very beneficial and demanded a high value. Later in the expansion of Battle for Azeroth, items with the territory stat: Speed became desirable. The speed stat gave the wearer increased speed, meaning farming old dungeons and raids was more efficient. The more Speed items you had equipped, the greater the benefit. 

Sadly, there is a cap at 49% speed, as illustrated by /AGunWithLegs at Reddit.

Shadowlands introduced a level and ilvl squish (which I’ll cover later), zone scaling, and a secondary stat diminishing return. The stat diminishing return meant stacking a specific secondary stat would start losing a lot of its benefit when you start reaching a certain percentage. The developers introduced this because of the level-boosting in Battle for Azeroth and potential gearing issues when seeking your best in slot item(s). Players were exploiting their stats to help pull the whole instance and AOE the mobs, thus clearing content quickly. A great example of this was the Freehold level boosting! Other limitations included party members no longer gaining experience with characters that lock their experience.

Here’s a detailed guide by Wowhead explaining the secondary stat diminishing returns.

Legion BoEs Shopping List:

Flipping Legion BoEs in Shadowlands:

Buy low, sell high is our aim here. Only invest in the gold you’re willing to lose. Ideally, the price range I’m looking at is 2500g per item, and I look to sell at 10k plus. I will add images later to show the sales I’ve made this fortnight. The images will ultimately prove that this is still a viable/profitable market.

Please bear in mind there have been many changes since Legion, importantly, the level and ilvl squish. The level and ilvl squishes mean that searching for Legion BoEs on the Auction House has become a lot more complicated. When I shopped for Legion BoEs, I previously inputted /101/101/i835/armor, and it would filter all armor for that level/ilvl – that search function is no longer an option. Instead, I prefer to do a default search inputting every piece separated by a semicolon. For ease of use, I’ve added a Pastebin below. Simply open the Auction House, hit the Browse Tab and copy and paste the shopping list in to the search bar in the top right hand side.

Legion BoEs Shopping List via Pastebin

Once you’ve completed the search, go to the Recent Searches panel and hit the star to favorite the search. Go into the Favorite Searches panel and edit the name of the search. I named mine Legion BoEs. Feel free to name it what you wish.

You could use a TSM import string and do a shopping search via that method instead, but you could miss out on a lot of items not yet grouped. I have two TSM Strings that maybe of interest to you. One has the Legion BoEs categorised in subgroups, the other is uncategorised (this is ideal for those that prefer their own groups). They both have default operations, so be sure to add your operations. Only choose one of the strings, and be prepared, there’s over 3000 items!

Legion BoEs TSM String (Categorised with Subgroups)

Legion BoEs TSM (uncategorised)


If you’d prefer farming for these items, I’d suggest checking out the murlocs in Aszuna [50.33] (screenshot below). I believe this spot hasn’t been nerfed yet, unlike many of the other places I used to farm at. This spot is ideal due to the amount of murlocs in the area. If possible, consider group farming or multiboxing, which will make things a lot more efficient for you. Due to zone scaling, finding a group to farm with should be easier. Otherwise, wait for Legion Invasions. The amount of mobs available is insane and they have large loot tables, so keep your eyes peeled for other loot. If you have other recommendations on where to farm, consider posting below in the comment section.

If you’re farming for a specific level requirement, remember that you need to be a specific level yourself, as the loot will scale depending on your level. Legion BoEs at a particular level/ilvl could demand higher valuations. Even Legion BoEs of the uncommon variety could be of value, especially ones with territory stats and low levels for Twinks. Check this guide out for more information.


As mentioned before, I actually repost my expired auction once every two weeks. So my sales could be a lot greater than whats shown below. I don’t cancel/repost so I post and forget. These sales are between 14th Feb – 28th Feb.


I’ll be honest, at one point, I believed these items were selling based on their stats or possible transmog purposes. But the fact that there’s trinkets and rings selling leads me to think these could be for players leveling. Upon closer examination via in-game TSM Ledger, these items were either level 45 or level 50 with varied ilvls; some had territory stats and/or sockets, meaning that they could’ve been purchased by players leveling or in need of some gear. None of them had Speed or Leech.

I’m unsure at this point, whether there’s a twink bracket that may be farming/using Legion BoEs, given all the scaling in Shadowlands.

It’ll be interesting to see what sales I’ve made when I do my next repost. I’ll be sure to add them here as soon as possible.


Have you been selling Legion BoEs yourself during Shadowlands? How has the market been for you? Have any farming tips that you want to add? or maybe this post has potentially opened another market for you and you might give it a go. If so, keep me updated on how you fair, by sharing your progress in the comment section. If you have any questions, maybe something I’ve not outlined in this post, please feel free to ask below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’m approachable on Twitter or via email using the contact me feature.

Until next time…

Twitch Streamer Highlight

I’ve decided to do something slightly different today and highlight a couple of the World of Warcraft streamers that I watch now and again on Twitch. Most are Gold-making streams, but I’ve added a couple of alternatives, that are worth an honorable mention, below. For a complete list of Content Creators I enjoy watching, check out this post.


XionikandSheyrah: You maybe familiar with Sheyrah, as she offers a lot of in-depth import strings for TSM and even has a full TSM profile you can download. She hosts a Twitch channel, with her partner Xionik where they farm old content and work the auction house. They boast to have made 110 million gold and counting and always willing to offer tips and answer any questions you have within the stream and the WoW-Economy subreddit.

Peelyon: I have mentioned Peelyon a couple of times in my previous posts and this guy is someone you want to take note of, if you want to be successful in the battle pet market. I thought I was a big player on the pet scene, until I came across Peelyon. I used to flip level 25 Battle Pets on the auction house for a decent profit, but thankfully, I came across his stream and learnt how to power level from 1-25 and can see an increase in profits with his technique.

Although Peelyon is pretty new compared to the rest in this list, don’t let that put you off. He offers a lot of advice and is always willing to answer any of your questions. Oh and did I forget to say he’s a fellow Brit, so if you love the British sense of humour, got a hankering for those Northern dulcet tones? then you’re in for a treat!

Brozerian: Here’s another hardcore farmer with a lot of strategies to offer. Most of his streams/guides come with GPH (gold per hour) in the title, to give you an understanding of what you could make. C’mon… people like shiny titles! Thanks to Brozerian, I was able to find a very good farming spot for Volatile Water.

Pechthefarmer: Here you can find a mixture of farming, leveling and even some Arena gameplay. If memory serves me correctly, he multi-boxes with his 4 alts, 5 in total. This method, makes gold making extremely easy and time efficient. Viewers also earn gold coins for watching his streams, which in turn give you a chance to win in some of his giveaways.

These are the gold-making streamer’s I enjoy watching on Twitch. Maybe you watch others, let us know who you enjoy watching and why. I’ve added two bonus streamers below, they’re not gold farmers, but maybe someone you’d enjoy watching.

Other Streamers:

Swifty: I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Swifty, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. I’ve heard this guy is big in the Warrior scene with his one shot macro…lol. If you like Battlegrounds, Arena or even rated PvP you have to be watching this guy. Swifty has been playing World of Warcraft since TBC so holds a wealth of experience. His streams are very fun and if you find yourself awake in the early hours of the morning (if your like myself from the UK), then be sure to join his streams Monday to Friday.

Huge giveaways and a new point system in effect, so you can rack up those points to participate in his giveaways. Swifty also streams for Nvidia, so does on occasion, play a variety of other games.

Cohhcarnage: Not known for playing World of Warcraft, but was definitely worth a mention. This guy is an extremely good streamer and plays a whole wealth of different game titles. When Fallout 4 was released it was thanks to Coh that I even got to look at this game. He has a fantastic community of viewers and boasts a very well set up website, where you can build points for watching, which in-turn count towards future giveaways. I seriously recommend this guy, just for his streaming ability alone, but his gaming ability is right up there too! If you want a review or an opinion on a game, then look no further.

For a complete list of the Content Creators I enjoy watching, check out my post here! How many of them do you watch already? or have I missed anyone out, that I should be watching? Let me know in the comments below!