Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV Gear

Shadowlands Crafter's Mark IV Gear

Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV Gear:

Today I want to enlighten (pun intended) you on the profitability of crafting and selling the Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV gear in Dragonflight. For those unsure, these are the ilvl 233 armor/jewelry pieces from Shadowlands professions.

Importantly, the Crafter’s Mark IV recipe is locked behind prerequisites; if you haven’t done them already, they are well worth the effort, even today! 

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Crafter’s Mark IV:

In Patch 9.2 of Shadowlands, developers introduced the recipe: Crafter’s Mark IV, which is an optional reagent that, when selected in the crafting panel, can increase an item from its default item level 151 to item level 233!

Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones:

Alongside Crafter’s Mark IV, the developers also released Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones in Patch 9.2. Like the Crafter’s Mark IV, the Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones is an optional reagent that increases the default item level 151 to item level 262.

However, you can only equip one crafted item level 262 piece, as it is unique.


If you have Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, or Tailoring, you must complete the introduction and the chain of quests within Zereth Mortis, Shadowlands.

Once you have unlocked the dailies within the zone and reached Honored with The Enlightened (hence the pun at the beginning of today’s blog post), you can purchase the Crafter’s Mark IV recipe.

The Crafter’s Mark IV will allow the crafter to increase the item level of a piece of armor or jewelry to 233. This gear is ideal for newly leveled 60 players looking to enter the Dragon Isles.

Notably, the prerequisites and earning honored with The Enlightened could take at least two weeks; complete the following regularly to speed up your progress.

Alternatively, check out this great guide: Unlocking Zereth Mortis via Wowhead!

The Dracthyr:

Due to the new leveling zone for the Dracthyr, this loot may not be beneficial, but if you’re unlucky on gear or opting for a specific secondary stat combination, you COULD use the ilvl 233 gear!

My character averaged an ilvl 243 when leaving the Forbidden Reach and was lucky on some loot upgrading, but as you can see, some pieces are below ilvl 233!

Dracthyr Average ilvl

Level 60 Boost:

If you’ve considered using or purchasing a level 60 character boost, be aware that the character will have an ilvl of 148; this suggests that this market benefits players boosting a character!

Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs:

Alternatively, you’ll notice a market for Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs (Armor, Trinkets, and Jewelry) from leveling within the Dragon Isles. Depending on your realm, these items are frequently between 7.5-35k gold on the Auction House.

As we can craft the Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV gear cheaper, we can significantly undercut the Dragonflight Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE market! In the coming weeks, I’ll further highlight the Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE market as it offers many advantages!

Why Purchase Crafter’s Mark IV Gear?

The Crafter’s Mark IV gear can quickly increase your character’s item level and benefits your character via secondary stats, giving your new level 60 the best start possible going into Dragonflight!

Sadly, your gear can quickly become worthless with upgrades and other crafts as you level in the Dragon Isles.

Best Professions:

I currently have Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting with the Crafter’s Mark IV recipe, but I prefer Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting out of the three.

Furthermore, Leatherworking can craft both leather and mail armor pieces, and Jewelcrafting can craft many variations of rings and necklaces, depending on the secondary stats wanted.

The crafts cost approximately 250-2000g depending on the profession and materials and can sell upwards of 7000k depending on the competition. I average sales between 500-4500g!

What Secondary Stats to Choose?

You can either craft every variation (easy mode) or check out Wowhead for the best stats for each class (hard mode). I made a spreadsheet and added all the secondary stats beneficial for each class, and I crafted whatever had the most combinations.


Lastly, here’s a brief look at my recent sales. Remember, I post these crafts on a 48-hour post and forget routine. I get undercut frequently, but you may have better returns depending on the competition or how often you can cancel and repost in your realm.

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