The Trading Post Continued

The Trading Post

The Trading Post Continued:

Since the release of the Trading Post at the beginning of February, several things have drawn my attention, stuff that wasn’t available/noticeable during the testing phase on the PTR!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post: The Trading Post, the information I shared could change at any time due to testing, and this appears to be the case.

Please continue reading for some of the changes to The Trading Post.

Trader’s Tender Limit:

Although there’s no limit to how many Trader’s Tender you can own at any one time, there appears to be a limit to how many you can earn per month.

The limit is 2,000 Trader’s Tender per month. Once you reach this cap, all available tasks will have their rewards removed. Any unspent Trader’s Tender will carry over to the following month!

Freezing an Item:

Due to the cap mentioned above, there’s a benefit to using the Freeze option. If you no longer have sufficient Trader’s Tender to purchase an item, you can freeze it, which will carry over to the following month.

Furthermore, when choosing your item to Freeze, do so carefully, as you cannot change your choice until you purchase the item!

All rewards are on a cycle, the items not purchased will refresh, and a new set of prizes will become available. It’s unclear how many items are on the loot table and how frequently items will recycle.

Touring the Trading Post:

This topic is more of a reminder for me to check next month. In the testing phase, you could log a character on each Faction and obtain the one-time bonus. According to the initial quest: Touring the Trading Post, it seemed this was still possible.

The quest had an icon and was tagged Account Faction-wide. I completed the quest on Horde and Alliance, and it appeared I got the Trader’s Tender for doing so.

However, with the number of issues with The Trading Post when it was released this month, it’s hard to tell if I got the bonus Trader’s Tender; instead, it may have been an oversight.

Furthermore, the gold reward for completing this quest is different depending on what Faction you complete it on. The Horde will receive 25g 74s with 500 Trader’s Tender, and Alliance players will receive 23g 86s 80c with 500 Trader’s Tender. I’m unsure why there’s a difference!

I will check again in March. If you’re reading this and have any confirmation, feel free to comment below to help others. Otherwise, I’ll get back next month with an update myself.

Unspent Trader’s Tender:

Reminder, any unspent Trader’s Tender will carry over to the next month! So if there’s nothing of interest in any given month, save them for the next loot cycle.

Datamined Trading Post Loot:

Wowhead has datamined potential upcoming loot for future Trading Post rewards. As with anything datamined, those details could change later and may not happen. As Wowhead suggests, use this information carefully if you plan to save Trader’s Tender for future loot cycles!

Check out this Wowhead post: Upcoming Dataminded Trader’s Post Rewards.

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