Replica Transmog Sales (January 2023)


Replica Transmog Sales

Replica Transmog Sales:

Recently, I published a blog post: The Darkmoon Faire, and I thought I’d show you all my Replica Transmog sales for the fortnight reset of January. As you know, I like to highlight this market every month, and today’s blog post is why!

It’s a niche market that can (if the circumstances are right) return a lot of gold. Continue reading to see how you can profit from this market!

Fortnightly Reset:

Firstly, I want to remind you that I post once every fortnight. I do not cancel and repost; I merely post and forget. Check out this blog post: My AH Posting Routine.

The sales I share today are from one fortnightly reset spread throughout all the realms I play. I remind you this purely for transparency and don’t want you to think these were from one realm.

However, if you have any questions, drop a comment in the comment section below!

My Replica Transmog Sales:

Here’s a collection of my Replica Transmog sales from the last fortnightly reset. I have recorded over 1,6m gold in sales for this fortnightly reset. This is higher than normal, but this could result from the added interest in Transmog, thanks to patch 10.0.5.

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Are You Interested In This Market?!

Therefore, if you’re interested in getting into this market, you have to remember this is a Transmog market; it can be slow, but the more of each piece you have available on the Auction House, the more chance you making a sale.

Some players prefer to purchase sets, as shown in some of the images I’ve shared above! Unless Blizzard makes visible changes to bracer Transmog, there’s no point selling these.

To get started in this market, check your Auction House and check the availability of Replica Trasnsmog in your realm! If there’s a lot of competition, and you feel there’s no value, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

If there’s little to no competition, start obtaining Darkmoon Prize Tickets from the Darkmoon Faire and concentrate on purchasing complete sets (ignoring the bracers). Remember, the more alts you have, the more Darkmoon Prize Tickets you can acquire.

Lastly, if your character hasn’t completed the one-time quest: Silas’ Secret Stash, DO IT! You’ll receive 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and it’s easy to complete! Check out my video below!

If you’re unsure whether you’ve completed this quest on a specific character, input this script within the in-game chat box. /script print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(38934))

The Darkmoon Faire:

Remember, the Darkmoon Faire is only available once every month for seven days, starting on the first Sunday of each month! It’s these restrictions and the limitations on Darkmoon Prize Tickets that make the Replica Transmog market a profitable market.

Reminder, if you’re unsure what to do in the Darkmoon Faire, check out my blog post: The Darkmoon Faire.

Twitter Updates:

Under normal circumstances, I’d share these sales on Twitter, but there appears to be an issue with World of Warcraft’s Twitter feature, which doesn’t add text to Tweets.

If and when this resolves, I will likely use that feature again. Check out the hashtag #ReplicaTransmog for previous and future Replica Transmog sales. You can also see some previous sales here.

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Thanks for reading!

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