Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests!

Iskaar Tuskarr: Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests

Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests

You may have noticed recently that the valuation of fish from within the Dragon Isles has dropped significantly. It is now a viable option to Mass Auto-Complete Catch and Release Quests for Iskaara Tuskaar reputation.

Please continue reading if you’re interested in power-leveling your Iskaar Tuskaar Renown, advice on Addons and Macros, or further information!

Iskaara Tuskarr:

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight from the start, you’ll be aware that one of the hardest Factions to earn reputation with is the Iskaara Tuskarr Faction.

However, as I mentioned earlier, with fish becoming much more affordable now, there’s an incentive to complete the Quests: Catch and Release. Depending on what level you are currently at and what Renown level you want to reach, this may require a lot of investment.

I wanted to reach Renown 18 for the Profession Accessory recipes on an alt. I needed to purchase 180,000 fish, which cost me 420,000 gold. Ultimately, I have enough gold to warrant this investment; however, this may be different for you.

Importantly, only invest in what you’re willing to spend and the Renown level you need!

Catch and Release Quests:

You can find Khuri by the Ruby Life Pools at the coordinates [63.75]. He has six Catch and Release quests available, which are repeatable. The first (weekly) turn-in for each quest will reward you with 100 reputation (200 reputation for 20 Islefin Dorado).

Once you’ve met the criteria for each weekly quest, you will receive a reduced reward of five reputation per 20 fish turned in. 

Alternatively, you can find Daring Fisher and Young Quickhands, which also offer these quests!

Reputation Bonus:

If you have a main character that has reached Renown 10, you will get an account-wide bonus Word of a Worthy Ally. This buff means for every turn-in, you will get a 100% increase in reputations gained from quests.

If your main has reached Renown 20, you will gain an account-wide bonus Word of a Worthy Ally II; this buff will give your alts a total of 200% increase in reputations gained from quests.

Therefore, this buff will significantly reduce the fish you need to reach your desired Renown level. The buff will last until you reach Renown 10! I suggest completing all the dailies before turning all the fish in.

Requirements per Renown:

To earn one bar of Renown for the Iskarr Tuskarr, we need to earn 2500 reputation. Without any other reputation bonuses (to keep this simple), we will earn five reputation per fish turn-in; this means it will take 10000 fish to earn 2500 reputation.

To hand in 10,000 fish, you must click a macro or interact with Khurin 500 times per Renown!

Furthermore, it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete 500 turn-ins.

Requirements to Reach Renown 30:

If you were at Renown 1, it would take 300,000 fish to reach Renown 30 for Iskarr Tuskarr (excluding bonus reputation). That’s 15,000 quest turn-ins! These values are significantly reduced if you have a bonus active or repeat the weekly quest turn-in.

I’ve ignored the bonus and initial quest turn-ins to keep the math simple. Adjust accordingly!

Furthermore, it will take approximately five hours to complete 15,000 turn-ins.

The Cheapest Fish:

Presently, Scalebelly Mackerel appears to be the cheapest fish to purchase; each fish costs approximately 2g. Here’s a look at the value for each of the other fish.

Values are correct at the time of this post. For a precise valuation of the fish in your region, check out the Oribos Exchange. Remember, fish are a commodity, and the price of fish isn’t realm specific; instead, it’s the same price for everyone within a region!

Addon – Azeroth Auto Pilot Reloaded:

The first option is the Addon: Azeroth Auto Pilot Reloaded. To benefit from this addon, have the required amount of fish within your inventory, and interact with Khuri with the interact with target (default keybind: F).

To complete mass turn-ins, keep pressing F, and the quest will auto-complete. Remember, all turn-ins after the first one will reward you with only five reputation!

Addon – Leatrix Plus:

Like Auto Pilot Reloaded, Leatrix Plus has an auto-complete quest option too. Interact with Khuri, and the quests will auto-complete, hit the interact with target keybind when the quest window closes.


The last option is creating six macros and adding them to your action bar. This option takes a little longer to complete, as you may have to interact with Khuri and click the macro multiple times per turn-in.

I’d only use this option if you don’t want the two add-ons mentioned above.

Use the macro for the cheapest fish within your inventory. With Islefin Dorado, approximately 40 gold per fish, I doubt you’ll want to do mass turn-ins with that, but the macro is there for future use.

Here are the Macros per quest:

Catch and Release: 20x Scalebelly Mackerel.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70199)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()

Catch and Release: 20x Thousandbite Piranha.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70200)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()

Catch and Release: 20x Aileron Seamoth.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70201)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()

Catch and Release: 20x Cerulean Spinefish.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70202)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()

Catch and Release: 20x Temporal Dragonhead.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70203)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()

Catch and Release: 20x Islefin Dorado.

/run C_GossipInfo.SelectAvailableQuest(70935)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run GetQuestReward()


This investment could prove quite expensive depending on how much Renown you want to power level. However, if you’re desperate to reach a Renown level like I was and you can regain the gold spent elsewhere, it’s well worth it in the long run!

Remember, although, with the assistance of Addons and Macros, there will still be a lot of key presses to complete all the turn-ins. I’d suggest ensuring you have enabled the interact with target option and set it to the default keybind: F!

Doing so means you can watch a Netflix movie and subconsciously spam that interact with target keybind! Although this is still tedious turning in all these quests, it’s still better than no automated Addons or Macros.

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  3. I cannot get either of those addons to do the auto turn ins while pressing the interact with target button (F). Autopilot gives an error & Leatrix does nothing after setting option for auto complete.

      • I’m glad you found an alternative that worked.

        With issues like Dilvish was experiencing, make sure you have the auto-complete quests option enabled within the Addons settings.

        Both of these Addons worked for me. There are a lot of people suggesting AutoTurnin too – so thanks for the heads-up!

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