Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5

Dragonflight: Patch 10.0.5

Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5:

The next reset day will see the release of Dragonflight’s first patch of the expansion, Patch 10.0.5. As I predicted, it will release on the 24th of January (25th for players within the E.U Region).

Before posting this blog, I wanted to wait until the patch notes were released (which was tonight). Continue reading for more information regarding Dragonflight: patch 10.0.5.

Content Coming in Patch 10.0.5:

Here’s a quick reminder of what to expect in Patch 10.0.5!

  • Trading Post
  • Storm’s Fury
  • Mage Tower
  • White & Grey Transmog changes
  • Revival Catalyst
  • War Mode
  • Solo Shuffle
  • Profession Improvements
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Class Tuning

If you’d like to see everything released with Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5, check out the Patch Notes; thanks to Wowhead!

Trading Post:

As I’ve previously posted, the Trading Post will be an exciting addition to Dragonflight, giving players some extra content within Azeroth. Continuing from the developer’s theme throughout Dragonflight, the content is great for casual players; you can do as much or as little as you want.

When I had the opportunity to test the Trading Post out on the Public Test Realm (PTR), I could acquire 1,000 Trader’s Tenders immediately; this meant that the mount on offer (the Celestial Steed) was easy to obtain.

The fact that you can collect Trader’s Tender account-wide meant that I could complete multiple tasks on different characters; collecting the one-time 500 Trader’s Tenders on two separate players meant I immediately had enough to acquire the mount.

Suppose the developers haven’t made any restrictions to account-wide gameplay. In that case, you’ll see that the available content will quickly dry up, and all the rewards purchased! 

If you want further information regarding the Trading Post, check out my blog post.

Storm’s Fury:

A new event will begin, Storm’s Fury, which will take place every five hours. Players participating in this event will get the chance to obtain a mount, pet, toy, and Essence of Storm.

If you visit Brendormi, you can exchange Essence of the Storm for item level 385 pieces, including; Trinket, Neck, or Ring. This gear is an excellent option for alts (or under-geared main characters) below item level 385.

If you want to participate in this new content, you’ll need to take the Temporal Conflux portal in Thaldraszus.

Mage Tower:

You’ll be pleased to know that the Mage Tower will make another return. If you’re not aware, upon the release of Dragonflight, Blizzard removed the Mage Tower to make necessary scaling improvements.

Depending on the improvements made, be vigilant on previous Best in Slot (BiS) gear for completing the Mage Tower. I’ve already seen an obscene amount of materials purchased (for BiS-crafted gear) due to players looking to profit from the return of the Mage Tower.

If you’ve not completed the Mage Tower yet, travel to Deliverance Point, Broken Shore, and speak to War Councilor Victoria. Your gear will scale down, so consider checking for guides and new BiS gear options for your character.

When the Mage Tower was rereleased in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, I made over 10 million gold in seven days crafting Enchants, BiS armor, and other consumables. Thanks to region-wide commodities, I don’t believe we’ll see the same profit margins as before.

There are several achievements, legion-themed armor appearances, and the Mount: Mage-Bound Spelltome on offer!

White & Grey Transmog Changes:

One of the long-awaited changes to World of Warcraft is the ability to collect and equip white and grey armor and weapons and add them to your appearance/collection tab. With Patch 10.0.5, they now have a Cosmetic tag and are now regarded as Transmog.

Be careful what you automatically delete if you’re interested in acquiring appearances from white and grey pieces. It’s also worth checking out old characters that may have old starting gear that was removed from the game.

If you want to check the inventory of deleted characters you once had, remember the ‘Restore Deleted Character‘ option available to you on the character selection screen.

Revival Catalyst:

Slightly later than most expected is the release of the Revival Catalyst. When players complete specific content via an account-wide quest, you’ll earn charges that can turn gear from Raids, Mythic+, PvP, and so on into tier gear.

You can find the Revival Catalyst near Tyrhold, Thaldraszus!

War Mode & Solo Shuffle Improvements:

Blizzard has made it possible to toggle War Mode on while in Thaldraszus. This improvement will make it efficient when opting in and out of War Mode when completing/finishing PvP World Quests in the Dragon Isles.

As promised, Blizzard has also significantly improved Solo Shuffle and the issues revolving around players that purposely leave. Rating will be calculated on a per-round basis when someone leaves.

Players who frequently leave and abuse the system (exploiting and impeding another player’s experience) will be deemed a violation of Blizzard’s Terms of Service (ToS) and have their accounts reviewed and potentially suspended.

A warning message will be displayed before you opt to leave!

Profession Improvements:

There have been further improvements to requirements to unlock specializations. Professions with three specialization trees have reduced their final unlock to Profession level 75 (down from 100).

All professions with four specialization trees have had their two unlocks reduced to profession levels 60 and 75 (down from 75 and 100, respectively).

More importantly, crafted Transmog that had a profession requirement to equip have had their restriction removed! Legacy recipes unobtainable due to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are now obtainable again.

Finally, a new tome from your Garrison is available, Secrets of Draenor [Profession], which will teach you how to craft Optional Reagents. These will assist you in crafting Warlord of Draenor (WoD) crafts with multiple appearances.

I’m assuming this concerns the old stage gear, which had different appearances depending on the stage of the craft you created.

User Interface Improvements:

The significant improvement I was hoping for is the ability to move the Bag Bar and Micro Button Bar. Additionally, they have also added the ability to move the Durability icon and Experience Bars.

However, there’s still no option to hover over (reveal) hidden Action Bars. This option is available in ELVui, which I’d like to see in the default UI. When I checked, this wasn’t available on the PTR, so I doubt it’s coming in the patch!

Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 Patch Notes:

There are a lot more details within the patch notes that I couldn’t cover. Feel free to check them out, including detailed information regarding Class Tuning.

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