Assorted Exotic Spices Bug

Assorted Exotic Spices Bug

Assorted Exotic Spices Bug:

Hello guys, here’s a little blog post regarding a bug some of us gold-makers found this afternoon – the bug in question concerns crafting Assorted Exotic Spices via Dragon Isles Cooking at max level.

Be aware that this bug also affects the craft: Pebbled Rock Salts.

If you have 100 skill points in Dragon Isles Cooking, be sure to read this post to prevent losing out on a lot of profit.

Posing the Question:

This morning I was reaching what I thought was my 18-thousandth Assorted Exotic Spices craft; instead, it was closer to 33 thousand. Irritated by the fact that I’m still not getting a three proc; I asked on Twitter, “Anyone else seen a 3 proc!?

Thankfully, GirlGoblin replied that she was successfully getting the three procs, but she was currently leveling her Cooking. Later that day, after hitting 100 Skill points in Cooking, she confirmed that the procs immediately stopped!

To further support the issue, Hikons dropped by with feedback that proved there is indeed a bug earning a three proc on Assorted Exotic Spices while at max Cooking.

The Bug:

When you start leveling Cooking, one of the early crafts is Assorted Exotic Spices. Looking at the tooltip within the Profession tab, we’re supposed to earn between 2-3 Assorted Exotic Spices per craft.

Early in the leveling process, this works as intended; however, as you reach 100 skill points (max level Cooking), the proc to earn a potential 3 Spices stops.

While an extra craft of Assorted Exotic Spices may not appear substantial at first glance, the potential profit margins make a significant difference when considering that difference over almost 33k crafts.

Reminder, this bug also affects the craft: Pebbled Rock Salts.

The Workaround:

The workaround is straightforward, send your materials to craft Assorted Exotic Spices to an alt (that doesn’t have max Cooking). They’ll obtain extra Spices when you get a three-proc.

Assorted Exotic Spices are an essential intermediate craft necessary to fulfill many of the main Cooking recipes, especially food for players Raiding and running Mythic+.

Taking advantage of the three procs will be the difference between crafting food at a significant profit or a loss! Although I’ve lost a lot of value, if you follow the advice here, you won’t!

Reporting the Bug!

When you come across a bug in-game, whether you’re playing Alpha, Beta, or Live, you report any bugs you experience. Doing so will help developers fix any issues, making a better gaming experience for everyone!

I’ve informed the developers of this bug; I’d also ask anyone reading this to create a bug report. Doing so will help raise the issue quicker as this will prove it’s a broader issue and will get developers to look into this immediately.

I’ve also added a comment on Wowhead, where I hope those that may not see my content can see the issue via Wowhead too!

Assorted Exotic Spices Bug on Wowhead


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