Dragonflight Roadmap for 2023

Dragonflight 2023 Roadmap.

Credit: World of Warcraft

Dragonflight Roadmap for 2023:

Over the last few days, Blizzard has released information regarding their Dragonflight Roadmap for future patches in 2023; and I have to say (as does most of the World of Warcraft community) this is excellent news from Blizzard!

These are massive improvements, given the poor content updates and poor communication with the community in Shadowlands. Although content and timings are subject to change, it’s refreshing to see Blizzard be open on their development plans for Dragonflight in 2023!

Check out Executive Producer: Holly Longdale’s post: Dragonflight in 2023 – The Road Ahead.

The Sorry State of Blizzard in Shadowlands:

In Shadowlands, the content was very scarce and far between. Blizzard was experiencing many in-house issues, none more so than the numerous sexual harassment claims/settlements. The World (as a whole) was coming to terms with another year of the horrendous Covid pandemic.

With departmental layoffs and many working from home (thanks to Covid), it’s understandable that some of the limited content we got in Shadowlands was massively affected by these matters; if not entirely, they still had an undesirable effect.

After all, Blizzard admitted that the content updates were not good enough, and as much as the player base disbelieved them, Blizzard promised they’d make improvements, and I believe we’re seeing the fruits of those improvements today!

Let’s also remember the developers have also made huge strides in community feedback. I think it’s fair to say that a small percentage of how well Dragonflight has gone is thanks to those who tested the expansion and helped make the necessary changes to make it what it is today!

Things are looking that promising; Chris Metzen has even returned to Blizzard Entertainment as Creative Advisor for the Warcraft Leadership Team. Here’s General Manager: John Hight with A Message from Warcraft!


According to the Roadmap, we’ll get our first taste of a minor update this winter with the introduction of the Trading Post and the long-awaited Transmog improvements; in the shape of white and gray items.

If you read my previous blog post: The Trading Post, you’d have read some of the content coming, more importantly, the campaign: February: Sharing is Caring; this hints that Patch: 10.0.5 will likely release the last week of January, possibly the 24th?!

If you’d like more information regarding the Trading Post, check out Blizzard’s post: Introducing the Trading Post.


Patch 10.0.5 is currently on the Public Test Realm (PTR); if you’re at a loose end, check out some of the new improvements. Upon logging in to the PTR, I immediately checked out the Trading Post, and I have to admit, it looks very promising.

Blizzard has created a great feature with the Trading Post, which, if used correctly, could open all sorts of activities throughout Azeroth, making all old content/continents appealing again!

Again, check out my previous blog post for more of my views on the Trading Post and what to expect!

Patch 10.0.7:

Patch 10.0.7 will come with Holiday updates and the long-awaited Heritage Armor for Humans and Orcs.

With Patch 10.0.7 coming in Spring, I’d imagine this might come closer to March 21st due to the impending release of Season 2 (Patch 10.1). I’d imagine that Blizzard will look to release something every two months.

Season 2:

This will be Blizzard’s first major update to Dragonflight, with a new zone and Raid release. There will be further improvements to Professions (hopeful improvements to the dire Crafting Orders situation).

UI Improvements are coming; maybe the ability to actually move the Micro Button bar?!

Possible Release Dates:

If I had to guess, these are the dates/months for each Patch release! Remember, Blizzard doesn’t know the dates themselves, and they’re subject to change; this is my thought process!

  • Patch 10.0.5 – January 24th
  • Patch 10.0.7 – March 21st
  • Patch 10.1 – May
  • Patch 10.1.5 – July
  • Patch 10.1.7 – September
  • Patch 10.2 – November


Blizzard is making great strides in repairing the damage it made during the last expansion, and as much as the community thought deep down it could be the end, it looks like it’s only the beginning!

Blizzard’s Roadmap doesn’t just show us what we can look forward to but proves they are trying to communicate with us better, which can only lead to good things from now on.

The sheer fact that Chris Metzen has returned to World of Warcraft as Creative Advisor proves that the franchise is in a good place again; well, that and the impending purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft!

What do you think of the Roadmap and the impending improvements coming to World of Warcraft and Dragonflight? Leave your comments below!


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