Investing in Patch 10.2

What I'm investing in, for Patch 10.2!

Investing in Patch 10.2

In today’s article, I will outline the materials and items I’m investing in in preparation for the up-and-coming Patch, Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream. Thanks to the developers not introducing new materials or recipes, we can invest in materials that have declined in value due to the lack of demand/content during the current Patch.

New content means increased demand for materials required for crafting, etc.

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Before I begin, I wanted to highlight that investment comes with many risks; please only risk the amount of gold you’re willing to lose. Please also consider that other players (including yourself) may take this information onboard, which may oversaturate the market(s) come Patch 10.2.

If you’re in a position to, consider cancel-scanning to ensure your auctions are always at the top! With a new Raid and a new season of Mythic+, there should be high demand for your items, meaning everyone involved sells their inventory, thus making loads of profit!

Alternatively, use your professions for in-demand crafts to increase your profit margins further.

Islefin Dorado:

To add some foundation to this article, in the leadup to Patch 10.1, I invested approximately 568k gold in Islefin Dorado. This material is essential for crafting in-demand meals for Raiding and Mythic+. A week before the 10.1 release, I sold all 24159 for 224g each, meaning a profit of 4.8m gold!

A week into Patch 10.1, the Islefin Dorado was hovering around 258g! There is no reason why this couldn’t happen again!

Flipping Islefin Dorado in Patch 10.1

Guild Bank:

As with most investments in World of Warcraft, you must store these materials/crafts away until the value increases (i.e., the release of Patch 10.2). Ideally, you will need sufficient storage space. I’d recommend you get yourself a Guild Bank, or depending on your needs, a couple of Guild Banks, as the space will quickly dry up.

Cooking Materials:

Here are some raw cooking materials that might be of interest to you. The materials denoted with an (*) won’t increase too much in value but are required to help craft meals; ignore these if you’re not crafting to increase profit margins!

To add some further context, I purchased over 5,000 Islefin Dorado two weeks ago at 63g each. This week (25.10.23), Islefin Dorado is valued at 97g each!

Meals and Feasts:

Below is a selection of Meals and Feasts you may want to invest in or cook in readiness for Patch 10.2! There are three different methods to craft the Grand Banquet of the Kalu’ak; ensure you use the cheapest method, Gral’s Devotion!

Items denoted with (*) are only beneficial if you’re crafting; you will see minimal profit margins.

WoD Timewalking:

With WoD Timewalking available on November 8th (the first week of Patch 10.2), I felt this was worth adding to this article. For those unaware, this event is a great time to increase reputations with Factions within the expansion: Warlords of Draenor.

Not only are there benefits to reputations, but there’s also an increase in demand for items that assist in the construction of Garrisons and items that increase item level to followers at the mission table.

Expect the items below to significantly increase in value during the WoD Timewalking event!

Reputation Tokens:

Garrison Items:


As you know, I don’t do a lot of Gold-Making within markets associated with Dragonflight due to the issues surrounding my fortnightly posting schedule and my inability to cancel and repost undercut auctions. However, you may be in a better position and likely record better results.

I’ve solely concentrated on Cooking materials for my investment as I believe (thanks to previous patches) that the demand for items will be very high! If you’re interested in investing in other materials/items, check out the other Goldmakers in the community, who will likely concentrate on other Professions, etc.

Although Patch 10.2 releases on the 7th of November, be aware the Raid is available one week later, on the 14th of November. This one-week delay will give you enough time to prepare for the increased demand for your items and meals for Raid and Mythic+ players.


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