Dragonflight TSM Import String (Update)

Dragonflight TSM Import String (Update)

Dragonflight TSM Import String:

Welcome to my first update to my Dragonflight TSM Import String (10.0.2 version 2). Due to a pending moderation within Pastebin, I had to wait before posting this blog post. As ever, if you find any issues with the string, please do comment below.

Please read the blog post before getting started!


There are no TSM Operations in any of my groups to minimize any potential issues. If you’re unsure about creating your own operations and price strings, check out this excellent resource from TradeSkillMaster (TSM): Custom Strings & Price Data.

If you don’t have TSM yet, it’s free to use; however, please do consider being a Premium user, as this supports the developers and helps further develop the Addon. To download TSM, click here.

Alternatively, consider using the default operations that come standard with the Addon. Although these aren’t perfect, they are a great starting point for new players. Then as you develop as a gold-maker, make adjustments as you progress and get accustomed to the Addon.

Before Starting:

Before you consider importing my Dragonflight TSM Import String, please make sure you have a backup of your current TSM Profile. If you encounter any issues or want to revert back to your own profile, you can!


While every effort was taken to carefully create this Dragonflight TSM Import String, there could be potential mistakes; please be careful when importing. If you encounter any TSM issues, always follow the error reporting feature in-game and contact TSM on Discord.

Battle Pets:

Remember that there are no Battle Pets in this TSM String; however, if you want them, check out this Reddit post from Bilisonyxia, who has your back. He has collected all the Battle Pets (base, level 1, and level 25’s); add the groups you need.

If you want to support Bilisonyxia, consider becoming a Patreon – he also has his own complete TSM Profile!

The Group Structure:

There is minimal group structure compared to my first iteration. Again, feel free to manipulate the group structure to your preference.


If you wish to share my Dragonflight TSM Import String, please correctly credit me. The original work was mine, even if you make additional changes and share that profile. I do my utmost to credit others within my content; I’d appreciate the same courtesy in return.


Here is my updated Dragonflight TSM Import String.


If there is any constructive feedback, please comment below, and I’ll do my best to help where I can. However, if you’re experiencing difficulties with TSM, always contact the TSM Discord.

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