Rares & Treasures of The Forbidden Reach

The Forbidden Reach Treasures and Rares

The Forbidden Reach – Treasures and Rares:

With Phase Two of the Dragonflight Pre-patch a couple of days old now and players actively leveling their new Dracthyr Evoker through The Forbidden Reach, what better time to show you the location of the hidden treasure chests and rares!

Quest: Train Like We Fight:

To make exploring the map easier and to reach all the different/difficult locations, it’s beneficial to find all the treasure chests and rares while on the quest: Train Like we Fight. The quest is an opportunity to freely practice our new Soar ability.

As well as Soar, we also get an Extra Action Button ability called: Try Again. Using this, either in combat or on the move, will instantly return us back to Old Weryn Grounds. So if you mess up along the way, hit that action button and start over.


At this moment, the only addon showing the location of some of the chests and rares is HandyNotes: Dragonflight. Sadly, some of the chests and rares are missing, but I’ll show you where these are below.

The Locations:

Here’s a map of the zone, including some of the rares and chests I’ve added that were missing within the Addon, HandyNotes: Dragonflight. Included are the coordinates.

Forbidden Reach Treasure chests and Rares.

YouTube Video:

Feel free to check out this video I uploaded showing me venturing through The Forbidden Reach, killing the rares, and opening the hidden chests. Be sure to use the chapters to skip to a treasure chest or rare you’re struggling to find!

Upgradable Loot:

If you’re fortunate and depending on your level, you can obtain item level 252 gear. This is made possible by the upgrade system, where you have a small chance that the item you loot will upgrade to a higher item level.

Furthermore, if you’re level 60, this will increase from 239 to item level 252!

This would be the equivalent item level to the current rewards from participating in the Pre-Patch Event: Primal Storms.

iLvL 252 gear from The Forbidden Reach!


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Thanks for reading!

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