The Darkmoon Faire (06.11.22)

The Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire:

This weekend sees the long-awaited return of the Darkmoon Faire and plenty of gold-making potential with it. This is an excellent opportunity to make gold, but we can passively earn a couple of levels of experience with little to no effort too!

Furthermore, it will also be the last Darkmoon Faire of Shadowlands, so make sure you benefit from the Winds of Wisdom buff, WoW 18th Anniversary Buff, and the Whee! buff for some excellent experience gains!

Check out my Darkmoon Faire guide, or continue reading.


Here are some things to consider before starting or visiting Darkmoon Island!

Darkmoon Artifacts:

With the Darkmoon Faire opening later tonight, the artifacts likely already spiked in value. If you were diligent, you’d have purchased your Darkmoon Artifacts before this weekend. 

However, don’t be put off if the value for each artifact is upwards of 250-1000g. We can make a return on our investment by using the Darkmoon Prize Tickets to purchase Companion Pets and Replica Transmog.

Once you’ve acquired the Whee! buff, hand these artifacts in. For a detailed guide on Darkmoon Artifacts, check out my guide!

Companion Pets:

When completing your artifact turn-ins, the Companion Pets are a viable investment, as they don’t have a level requirement to purchase. This method is feasible for players lower than level 23 who can’t access Replica Transmog.

Check out my Companion Pet guide for the Darkmoon Faire!

Replica Transmog:

This market is by far the most profitable market for me! I’ll remind you that this won’t work for everyone, and it benefits playing on the right server. Most of my success is dealing with low-mid populated servers with low competition.

However, don’t be put off. If you’re on a high populated server with a lot of competition, you may need to reduce your values and look to cancel scan often. Ensure your character is level 23 or above to meet the level requirements; most pieces have a level 25 requirement!

Don’t invest in the bracers! As these items are cosmetic pieces, there is no value in equipping bracers for transmog purposes, as they’re not visible!

Check out my guide on Replica Transmog. Also, feel free to read my latest post regarding the potential gold-making impact of Replica Transmog with the emergence of the Dracthyr in Dragonflight!

Silas’ Secret Stash:

Don’t forget to complete Silas’ Secret Stash; it’s a one-time quest! It is often overlooked and easy to complete; you’ll earn some experience and 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Here’s a link to Silas’ Secret Stash guide, and I’ve added my YouTube video on how to complete it below!

Darkmoon Faire Pet Battles:

There’s also an opportunity to complete two Pet Battles daily. Completing these will offer you and your Battle Pet experience. When you defeat both Pet Battles, you receive a satchel that could contain a Companion Pet.

Remember, these can only be completed once daily and are account-wide, so there’s no value in doing this on your alts!

Here’s my Darkmoon Pet Battle guide.


The Darkmoon Faire is also an excellent opportunity to get some skill points in your chosen profession. With Professions a significant factor in Dragonflight, it’s never been a better time to level up those professions on your main or an alt!

Although you only get rewarded five skill points upon completing the quest, it’s still a great method to earn the last couple of points to max out your profession.

These are extremely straightforward to complete, but some of the Profession quests will require you to have materials before visiting the Darkmoon Faire. Most of the materials will not be available on Darkmoon Island!

Fun and Games:

If you require additional Darkmoon Prize tickets or after some old-fashioned fun and games at the faire, check out the games scattered throughout. 

You will need Darkmoon Game Tokens to play; if you win, you’ll obtain more Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Darkmoon Rares:

There are two rares on Darkmoon Island; if you don’t mind hanging around, wait for them to spawn. You’re keeping tabs on Darkmoon Rabbit and Moonfang!

The Darkmoon Rabbit has a chance to drop the Companion Pet: Darkmoon Rabbit; this can fetch around 30-40k on the Auction House, depending on your realm!

Moonfang drops a toy, a Companion Pet: Moon Moon, and a quest you can hand in for experience and Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Moon Moon is valued around the 60k gold mark!

It might be beneficial to look for a group in the Group Finder feature in-game. It’s also worth highlighting that if Moonfang or the Darkmoon Rabbit spawn on your realm, consider starting a group yourself on Group Finder; this will ultimately help other players who are farming them too!


Overall this is a great World Event for gold-making. I sell Replica Transmog between 40-100k gold, and thanks to purchasing Darkmoon Artifacts early, it only costs me 1000g!

Although the Darkmoon Artifacts spike in value when the Darkmoon Faire arrives, don’t be put off paying a little extra if it can reward you with significant profit margins in the future.

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t remind you of the potential impact, Dracthyr could have on the Replica Transmog market; if you’re unaware, please give my latest blog post a read.

As I’ve hinted above, this will be the last Darkmoon Faire until Dragonflight releases. With players trying to get most of their alts to level 40 (ready for Phase Two Pre-Patch), this is an ideal opportunity to get some easy experience!


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Thanks for reading!

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