The Winds of Wisdom is Back!

The Winds of Wisdom experience buff is returning!

The Winds of Wisdom:

Blizzard has released news that they’ll reintroduce the buff The Winds of Wisdom. For those that haven’t experienced this before or forgotten, you will receive an increase of experience by 50%.

What is the Buff:

Here’s a snippet from the World of Warcraft website.

All World of Warcraft (excluding Classic titles) players level 10-59 will gain the experience buff called “Winds of Wisdom,” which will increase experience gains by 50%!

When Does the Buff Start?

The Winds of Wisdom will begin on the 4th of October for players within the U.S region. Players within the E.U region will have to wait till the 5th of October; these dates coincide with the weekly reset.

When Does the Buff End?

While the first phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch will release on the 25th of October (26th for E.U players). The Winds of Wisdom buff will be active until the release of Phase Two in the Dragonflight: Pre-patch, which will release on the 15th of November (16th for E.U players).

As the release of Dragonflight: Pre-patch and the expansion itself is a global event, this would indicate that players within the U.S region would get an extra day of the buff compared to E.U players.

Why Introduce the Buff?

The Winds of Wisdom is an excellent opportunity to offer players some incentive to level other characters or help those that have become inactive, a chance to catch up before the release of the Dragonflight: Pre-patch.

I still have several characters, which I’d love to max-level before Dragonflight releases.


For clarity and obvious reasons, The Winds of Wisdom is unavailable within Classic titles.


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[EDIT] Added the dates confirming the release of Phase One and Phase Two of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch, thus confirming when the Winds of Wisdom buff will end! [SOURCE]

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