The World of Warcraft Anniversary

World of Warcraft Anniversary Event

The World of Warcraft Anniversary:

From Sunday, the 6th of November, we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of World of Warcraft. This year (2022) marks their 18th anniversary and, with it, a three-week-long World Event.

Typically, this event runs from November through December, but with the release of the Dragonflight Pre-PatchBlizzard has adjusted it to not conflict with future content.

Below I’ll cover some of the benefits and activities you can expect and some potential Gold-Making opportunities.

Logging in:

You’ll be welcomed with the Achievement: WoW’s 18th anniversary upon logging in. Make your way to the nearest mailbox and receive an Anniversary Gift. Once looted, you’ll receive the following.

If you have alts (even those you have no interest in playing), log them in to gain the free 200 Timewarped Badges. If you read on, I’ll explain why later. 


With the impending release of Dragonflight, we have a buff called the Winds of Wisdom, which will be active until the 15th of November (Phase Two), the release of the new Hero Class: Dracthyr.

The first buff is the Celebration Package which gives the player an 18% increase in experience gains. This buff will last until the end of the World Event.

For the first week of the anniversary, the Darkmoon Faire is available; make sure you hit the Carousel or Rollercoaster for the Whee! buff. The Whee! buff will need to be refreshed every hour.

Also, if you’re under level 50, check out the Draught of the Ten Lands, an experience potion from your Factions city in Battle for Azeroth (BFA). You’ll need five service tokens to purchase.

Last but not least, if you don’t mind the added aggravation during leveling, enlist in War Mode. You’ll earn a minimum 10% increase to experience gains. If you play on a realm with a disadvantage to the opposing Faction, this buff can increase up to 25%!

The total potential experience bonus is 98%!

(*) Denotes this buff is an hour long that will need refreshing!

(#) Denotes the minimum bonus. This can increase depending on your realm’s Faction balance. This will increase for players that play on an unbalanced Faction (up to 25%)!


During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire Timewarped Badges from completing activities. These are a currency to purchase items from a Timewalking Vendor.

Don’t feel pressured to spend these now; you can save these towards other rewards from future Timewalking Events. As I’ll mention towards the end of this post, you could spend your Timewarped Badges towards the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event.

The Originals:

There are seven classic bosses available, four of which will rotate daily. Be sure to pick up the two weekly quests, The Originals (from Historian Llore) and Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin’ (from Chromie).

The Dragons of Nightmare:
Bosses not on Rotation:

Dragons of Nightmare Rotation:

Below is the rotation of each boss available for that day. The Wowhead user: Addy uploaded it. If you appreciate this table as much as I do, please consider hitting the link on his name and upvoting his comment!

The Originals Rotation

Credit: Addy (Wowhead user)

This table will change yearly, so check back for updates!


The loot available from bosses is item level 272! For casual players or alts that are under-geared, this is an excellent opportunity to obtain some gear before Dragonflight. Although the quests available for these bosses are weekly, you can kill and loot these bosses daily!

To put the value of this gear into context, the item level of gear coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch is only item level 252!

Bonus Loot:

You can acquire bonus tokens if you want to increase your chance of loot from DoomwalkerLord Kazzak, and Azuregos. You will need to obtain the Seal of Wartorn Fates from Zurvan (Horde) or Tezran (Alliance).

You are limited to two tokens per week. I’d recommend purchasing one with 2000g gold and another for 250 War Resources.

If you do not have any War Resources, it will cost you 7000g for two tokens. If you’re desperate for gear, this is a valuable method; however, if the gear isn’t essential, ignore it!

Helpful Tips:

Transport into The Caverns of Time:

On your first visit to The Caverns of Time, speak to the Steward of Time and accept the quest: To the Master’s Lair. In doing so, the Steward will transport you down into the cavern.

Once you reach the bottom, ensure you hand in the quest to Andormu. Failure to hand this quest in will prevent the transportation option again, meaning you will have to fly down manually in the future.

If you forget to hand this quest in, and you’re at the entrance to The Caverns of Time and want the transportation option, abandon the quest: To the Master’s Lair and accept it again.

Death to Doomwalker:

When you’re in combat with Doomwalker, if you die, quickly res at the Spirit Healer and take the res sickness. Thanks to the developer’s improvements for Dragonflight, the res sickness will last 1 minute.

In the meantime, you’ll still get credit for the kill, and you’ll be a couple of hundred yards from handing the quest in once completed! Any loot you win will automatically be sent to your bag (if you have space).

If you have no space in your inventory, any loot you win will be mailed to you!


As I predominantly play Horde, I will only cover fast-travel options for Horde players. However, if you’re reading this and play Alliance and have advice on fast-travel options, please post them in the comment section below!

Lord Kazzak:

If you have Chromie Time activated for the Iron Front, you can access the Mage in the basement of the Portal Room to get teleported to Blasted Lands. However, if you’re leveling within Shadowlands, be aware of the Karazhan portal, which is located beside the Flight Master in Oribos.

You can also use this method to get to Emeriss in Duskwood.


Access the Uldum portal from Orgrimmar. Either take the flight point or fly north to Feralas; if you don’t have the flight points, use/purchase the Heirloom Flight Points. Ysondre will be found at [51.10].


Take the portal to Undercity and use the flight point to reach Hiri’watha Research StationHinterlands. You will find Lethon at [63.27].

Korrak’s Revenge:

At the time of this post, Blizzard temporarily disabled Korrak’s Revenge due to an unforeseen bug. They aim to have the Battle Ground available after the next reset.

When the event is enabled again, obtain the quest: Soldier of Time. The objective is simple, earn 500 Honor within Korrak’s Revenge, and you’ll receive 200 Timewarped Badges and 5 Mark of Honor.

Korrak's Revenge Blue Post

A Time to Reflect:

A daily quest from Historian Llor is available: A Time to Reflect. Answer a question successfully, and you’ll receive 5 Timewarped Badges.

There is no repercussion for a wrong answer, so if your answer is incorrect, keep trying! Alternatively, check out Wowhead for the answers.


From the vendor Historian Ma’di, you can buy a Companion Pet: Timeless Mechanical Dragonling. The pet will cost you 200 Timewarped badges. If you have a lot of alts, as I do, consider logging them all in to purchase this pet.

This Companion Pet can be learned and caged to sell at the Auction House. I’ll add average values from our trusted friends at The Undermine Journal.

E.U Average Price:
  • Level 1: 3400g
  • Level 25: 8000g
U.S Average Price:
  • Level 1: 4000g
  • Level 25: 8900g

As a reminder, always check The Undermine Journal and input your realm for a specific value. Remember to wait for the event to end to maximize your value when posting to the Auction House!

Mists of Pandaria Timewalking:

Also starting on the 9th of November is the Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Timewalking event. If you’ve been logging in on your alts and stacking up those Timewarped Badges, you’ll appreciate the MoP Timewalking vendor.

For many players, this will be an ideal opportunity to gather reputation for the Faction: Order of the Cloud Serpents. To profit from this method, your alt must be level 35 or above to access the vendor!

With Timewarped Badges, you can visit the vendor: Mistweaver Xia on the Timeless Isle. She will have commendations available for 50 Timewarped Badges. Purchase as many as possible, and mail them to the character you want to boost!

Players will want to increase their Order of the Cloud Serpent reputation because the Faction has excellent Jewelcrafting mounts. Depending on your realm, these mounts are very profitable to craft!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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