Dracthyr and the Impact on GoldMaking

Dracthyr and the Impact on GoldMaking

In today’s blog, I’ll cover the Dracthyr Evoker, a new Hero Class coming to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and its potential impact on GoldMaking, none more so than the Replica Transmog Market!

The Dracthyr Evoker:

For those unaware, Dracthyr will start at level 58 and require you to complete the new Starting Zone: the Forbidden Reach. This concept is familiar with previous Hero Classes from earlier expansions, like the Death Knight from Wrath of the Lich King and the Demon Hunter from Legion.

Once you’ve completed the starting zone, your Dracthyr can join other players in the open world, at which point you may have reached level 60!

When will Dracthyr be Available?

Dracthyrs will be accessible to play on November 15th, known as Phase Two of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch.

Limitations for Creating a Dracthyr:

Thanks to MrGM’s interview with Holinka, we know we can only have one Dracthyr per realm at any time. To create another, we’d either create another on a different realm or delete our current Dracthyr.

Bear in mind the first Dracthyr has no level 50 creation limitation, but once you create another, you will have to have a level 50 (non-Dracthyr) character in your chosen realm to create a new Dracthyr.

Again, this limitation is similar to those experienced with Death Knights and Demon Hunters in previous expansions.

The Dracthyr Farm:

Now, if you were comfortable leveling and deleting Dracthyrs over and over, you could easily bypass the level requirements for Replica Transmog and Darkmoon Prize Tickets your limited to earn each Darkmoon Faire reset per character.

These pieces currently have a limitation, requiring you to be between levels 23 to 25 (depending on the piece) to purchase. As we’ll be approximately level 60, we’ll easily meet those requirements!

We’re also limited to the amount of Darkmoon Prize Tickets we can earn per character per Darkmoon Faire. We could easily earn 185 Darkmoon Prize Tickets per character. That would equate to the following per character:

  • Three Replica Transmog (at 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each)
  • Two Replica Transmog (at 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each)

Now imagine the value of doing this over and over with Dracthyrs! You’ll have a massive inventory of Replica Transmog. Some realms don’t even have any. Check The Undermine Journal, or check your Auction House!

If you don’t believe this works, I’ll cover how this method worked with Death Knights back in WoD!

Death Knight Farming in Warlords of Draenor (WoD):

In earlier expansions (WoD), players would level a Death Knight until they reached level 60, access the Auction House, and purchase Darkmoon Artifacts and Darkmoon Daggermaw; for the one-time quest: Silas’ secret stash.

Once they handed in all the Darkmoon Artifacts and completed Silas’ quest, they would purchase Replica Transmog with the Darkmoon Prize Tickets, send the Replica Transmog to an alt, delete the Death Knight, and rinse and repeat. The level requirement for Replica Transmog was level 60 during WoD!

This is what I fear with Dracthyrs in Dragonflight. As far as I can see, there’s been no increase to the level required for Replica Transmog on the Dragonflight Beta; but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

Players will be put off from leveling a new character to level 25 to do this method; players didn’t mind leveling Death Knights to level 60 in WoD. Do you honestly think players won’t do two levels of content for Replica Transmog that is valued between 40 to 100k gold each?!

Values of Darkmoon Artifacts & Darkmoon Daggermaw:

As the demand increases for Darkmoon Artifacts and Darkmoon Daggermaw, you may see the value of these items increase. Currently, these items are in high supply due to low demand, but that could easily change.

I suggest keeping an eye on the valuations of these items, too, especially if you deal in these markets!

Current Replica Transmog Valuations:

With Replica Transmog valued between 40-100k gold each (depending on the realm), it’s no surprise that players will look at farming Dracthyrs! But these values are dictated by the demand outweighing the supply!

The impact Dracthyrs will have on GoldMaking is players bypassing the limitations for Replica Transmog saturating the Auction House, meaning the supply then outweighs the demand, thus crashing the market!

While I’ll agree the current valuations are incredibly high, if this farm does happen, it will end this niche market! For Transmog collectors, this is good news.

However, if you’re a Gold-Maker and have just dipped your toes in the market, or maybe you’re like me with a vast inventory, you might want to be concerned/cautious – hence this blog post!

Check The Undermine Journal for the valuation of Replica Transmog in your realm.

Could this be Deemed an Exploit?

With many players using the Death Knight farming method in the past and not getting suspended or banned, it suggests that this wasn’t regarded as exploiting. But with Blizzard’s terms of service constantly changing, I think it could be deemed exploiting today.

Blizzard using a level requirement was their method to diminish this opportunity. But with the stat/level squish and Death Knights and Demon Hunters starting at level 10, the level 24/25 requirement was sufficient.

However, as mentioned above, they’ve not thought to increase it back up to fall in line with the new Dracthyr, meaning there’s an opportunity for this farming method to rear its ugly head again.

Adapt to the Market, Quickly!

If you’re like myself and a prominent Gold-Maker in the Replica Transmog market, be cautious of the possible changes to the market upon the release of Dracthyrs!

Adjust your TSM operations quickly, and stay ahead of your competition!

YouTube Video:

I’m still learning to create videos on YouTube, I know there’s a long way to go, but I’ve made this short video if you’d rather listen than read the article. Any feedback is grateful, even critical, as long as it’s constructive. If you didn’t like the video, feel free to downvote it – like and subscribe if you did!

Thank you, World of Warcraft, for the Dracthyr gameplay used in this video!


Players farming Dracthyr for Replica Transmog might not even take off. As this was a successful method in the past, leads me to believe players will consider doing it again.

You’d be right to insist players would instead do something else other than do this, but what you need to do is think outside the box. Players will likely look for holes in the market and other avenues for Gold-Making!

Even writing about it today highlights this farming method and will negatively affect my gold-making. Still, I would be doing myself a disservice if I suspected something and didn’t inform my readers so they could prepare for the worst-case scenario!

If it doesn’t take off, or Blizzard increases the level requirements, we have nothing to worry about; service as usual. However, if it does, I hope I’ve prepared you for the worst!

What do you think?!

Are you worried about the potential Dracthyr farming method? Maybe you’ll take part! Leave your comments below.


Lastly, thank you, World of Warcraft, for their Dracthyr gameplay footage used in my video above.

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Thanks for reading!

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