Dragonflight Launch Roadmap

Dragonflight Launch Road

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Dragonflight Launch Roadmap:

Blizzard today revealed their Dragonflight Launch Roadmap via Twitter. If you’ve not seen it, they’ve confirmed that, as anticipated, the Dragonflight Pre-Patch: Primal Storms will release on the 25th of October (for the U.S Region) and the 26th of October (for the E.U Region)!

The Dragonflight Pre-Patch:

The Pre-Patch is where World of Warcraft will transition from Shadowlands to Dragonflight with many new changes. Due to persistent developmental issues, the  Pre-Patch will release in two phases!

Phase One:

The first phase will be available on the launch day of the pre-patch! Improvements include the Talent System revamp, New Class & Race combinations, and Customizable HUD UI changes. The Dracthyr Evoker will come in phase two!

Phase Two:

The second phase will release on the 15th of November for the U.S region (the 16th of November for the E.U region). It will offer the new Hero class: Dracthyr Evoker, the new zone: The forbidden Reach (starter zone), New Dungeon: Uldaman, and the in-game event: Primal Storms!

Primal Storms:

The in-game event: Primal Storms sees you battling against Primalists with a range of quests and world quests to keep you occupied. In the process, you can earn a set of gear that will be ilvl 252. There are some great heirloom pieces to acquire, and for items, you’re missing, you can purchase missing gear with Primeval Essence.

This content is also available for lower-level characters. Although the experience isn’t great, it’s a decent method to level and gear alts. Mobs and gear will scale to your level!

For a detailed explanation of everything concerning the Pre-Patch, check out this article from our trusted friends at Wowhead!

Reminder: Shadowlands Set Bonuses and borrowed powers will not be usable in Dragonflight content. To use these items, you will need to be within Shadowlands content

Dracthyr Playable:

Your new Dracthyr Evoker will start at level 58 within the starting zone: The Forbidden Reach, and you will have two weeks to get accustomed to the new class and level it to level 60, obtain your gear and be ready for the release of Dragonflight.

Reminder: You can only have one Dracthyr per realm at one time. To create subsequent Dracthyrs, you must either delete it to create another, but you must have a character at level 50 that is a non-Dracthyr!

Check out my new blog post, covering the potential impact that Dracthyrs could have on gold-making within the Replica Transmog market!

Winds of Wisdom:

As earlier stated by Blizzard, the Winds of Wisdom buff would be available until the release of Dracthyr; this means that the Winds of Wisdom buff should last till the 15th of November (16th of November for E.U)!

If you’re leveling alts in preparation for Dragonflight, this is the best time to level them, as there’s a decrease in experience once Dracthyr Evoker’s are released!

Dragonflight Launch Day:

As confirmed already, Dragonflight will release on the 28th of November. If you’ve not seen the countless posts on Twitter, there have been many bugs on the PTR since the test realm was upgraded to a release candidate. We’re ready, but is Blizzard?!

To keep updated on developments regarding the Dragonflight Launch Roadmap, follow World of Warcraft on Twitter and Facebook or check for updates via Wowhead!

Raid Release:

The Raid release of Vault of the Incarnates (VotI) will release a couple of weeks after the launch of Dragonflight. Vault of Incarnates (VotI) will be available on the 13th of December for players within the U.S region, while E.U players will gain entry on the 14th of December!

The delayed release gives players enough time to level their character and meet the requirements to enter the new raid.

Twitch Drops:

If you’re a Twitch viewer, be aware that there will be Twitch Drops enabled during the release of Dracthyr Evoker, the launch day of Dragonflight, and the release of the new raid.

Confirmation of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Twitch Drop promotion can be found here.

There have not been many details on whether this will be Twitch drops via specific streamers or maybe via World of Warcraft’s Twitch channel, but as soon as I see confirmation, I’ll be sure to update this blog post!

There’s also no confirmation of what will be available from Twitch drops, maybe Dracthyr skins, transmog, Mounts, who knows?!


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Added confirmation of the two phases during the Pre-Patch event. 20.10.22

Added confirmation of the Twitch Drops promotional details. 31.10.22

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