Dragonflight Waiting Room – Mount Farming


Dragonflight Waiting Room - Mount Farming

Dragonflight Waiting Room – Mount Farming:

The period between the old and new expansions can be somewhat dull, otherwise known as the Dragonflight Waiting Room. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the pre-patch for Dragonflight is coming in two phases, meaning the actual pre-patch content comes in phase two!

If you’re stuck for things to do, check out my Dragonflight Waiting Room series, where I cover things you can do to pass the time! Today I’ll be covering Mount Farming!

Mount Farming:

Whether you’re a new, experienced player of World of Warcraft or a casual player like myself, you may be surprised how many mounts are available that are easy to come by.

You can open your Collections tab in-game and see the mounts available by clicking the filter icon and selecting Not Collected; this will show you all the available mounts!The information for each mount is brief, but you can use an alternative method, which I’ll cover next!

Mount Collection Tracker (Wowhead)

Mount Collection Tracker (Wowhead):

The Mount Collection Tracker is an excellent feature by Wowhead. For the best results, you should log in to Wowhead; if you don’t have an account, make one; it’s free! 

To get started, Enter your region, and select the realm you play on. Next, enter your character name and hit the load button.

Patiently wait for the magic to happen; voila, you now have a complete list of all mounts, including those you have and those you don’t!

If you want further information regarding a mount you’ve not collected, right-click on the mount’s name, which will load up the mount on an alternative tab, giving you all the necessary information!

Group Finder Tool:

If you’re considering farming for mounts, the in-game feature Group Finder will be a godsend to you. There are many other players in-game currently farming rares for mounts. Either join or create a group.

Making a group not only helps others get credit for a kill, but it can also make the time waiting for a rare, much less monotonous. More importantly, you can all cover more points to farm.

Hard-to-Obtain Mounts:

Sadly, there are hard-to-obtain mounts; c’mon, this is a Dragonflight Waiting Room, we need something to keep us occupied!

  • Professions
  • Achievement
  • PvP rating
  • Boss kill
  • World Event
  • Rare spawns
  • Trading Card Game (TCG)
  • Reputation

Profession Mounts:

Profession mounts are easier to obtain if you have the gold to purchase from the Auction House or the materials to craft the mount yourself. 

Some of the problematic mounts from professions are the Engineering mounts (i.e. the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket); these mounts are crafted with materials with a daily cooldown!

Thanks to the recent Auction House changes, and materials now region-wide, it’s never been easier (cheaper) to get the required materials.

Achievement Mounts:

There are many mounts available for completing an achievement. Most will come from completing achievements within a RaidDungeon, or Open World content.

The best example of a mount via an achievement is the Ahead of the Curve: Sepulcher. This achievement did award the Carcinized Zerethsteed. But now the pre-patch is here, and the achievement is no longer obtainable; however, the mount is – you need to kill Heroic Jailer!

Check your trade channel or community for boosts if you have sufficient gold while the drop rate is still 100% – the drop rate will be significantly reduced when Dragonflight launches!

Warning: always be vigilant when trading gold to another player you don’t know

PvP Rating Mounts:

These mounts are locked behind a specific PvP rating. You will need to reach this rating to purchase the mounts. Again, if you can trust someone for a boost or within a community, consider buying a carry for gold!

Some great mounts are available, for example, the Vicious War Trike or the Vicious War Bear.

Mounts via a Boss Kill:

These mounts are obtained from killing a boss during a Raid; these will likely have a very low drop chance! A good example is G.M.O.D which has a low drop chance of killing High Tinker Mekkatorque!

Mounts from World Events:

The Infinite Timereaver is a mount available during the Timewalking world event. This mount has a low chance of dropping off any boss within a Timewalking Dungeon.

Many others are available, for example, the Darkwater Skate, which is purchasable during the Darkmoon Faire.

Rare Spawn Mounts:

These mounts will probably lead you to tear your hair out or what you have left! These mounts will require you to sit at a rare spawn location, and once it spawns, kill it for a low chance of a mount.

I’m currently farming the Rajani reputation and killing the rares, Ha-LiAhn-De the Loyal, and Houndlord Ren. This content was from Battle for Azeroth, which I fell behind completing.

Get the AddonsSilverDragon (or NPC Scan); this will notify you when Rares spawn. HandyNotes is good if you want a visual location of all the rares on your map (mini-map). Frequently check for updates too!

Reminder: If you’re considering farming rares for mounts (toys) and the rare spawns, please use the Group Finder tool (as mentioned earlier) and create a group. 

Using this method, you can add four other players camping at a spawn location to get credit for the kill too! Who knows, someone may repay the favor to you in the future!

Spectral Tiger

TCG Mounts:

These mounts will cost you a lot of gold and were available via the Trading Card Game. The cards are no longer in production, meaning your only hope is via the Auction House or the Black Market Auction House.

I have several of these mounts, including the Spectral Tiger; I bought this off a Guild mate who looted the card and sold me the mount for 70k. Sadly, he wanted to keep the Swift Spectral Tiger!

Reputation Mounts:

Last but not least, mounts that are locked behind a reputation grind. These mounts will require you to meet a specific reputation level (most likely Exalted).

Once you achieve the required reputation, the mounts will be available for gold or a currency you likely collected during the reputation grind.

An example would be the mounts from the Argent Tournament Grounds.

Honorable Mention:

Garrison fishing was something that was very popular at the end of Warlords of Draenor and the emergence of Legion. These were called Fishing Raids. The scenario here was that you got a lot of people farming within your Garrison, for a chance to loot the Turtle mounts below.

You’ll need a level 3 Garrison with the Fishing Shack. For those unaware of how this works, check out this guide! By farming these Turtle mounts, you also obtain a nice achievement!

The mounts:

BoE Mounts to Farm:

These mounts won’t come as a surprise to most, but this is just a reminder to those that may not know, or forgotten. These mounts are BoE so these can be sold on the Auction House! Check the Group Finder feature to find farming groups!


If you have a sufficient alt army, increase your chances of looting a mount by completing the spawn farming on your alts too! Furthermore, if you have alt accounts, create your own party and have your alts on auto-follow.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog: Dragonflight Waiting Room – Mount Farming. Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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