WoD Stage Gear (Continued)

WoD Stage Gear Continued.

WoD Stage Gear (Continued)

Blizzard will reintroduce the removed appearances for WoD (Warlords of Draenor) Stage Gear. These were the different appearances available from adding an essence that increased the stage of your armor or weapon.

I wanted to concentrate solely on one piece of armor, to show how incredibly difficult it will be to craft every piece upon the release of Patch 10.0.5. That said, this should be a lucrative market for all, especially those with a head start.

If you’d like more information regarding the impending changes coming to WoD Stage Gear in Patch 10.0.5, check out my previous blog post: WoD Stage Gear.

Before Getting Started:

This post will be specific to Blacksmithing and the armor piece Truesteel Breastplate. But the fundamentals are the same across any other profession, armor, weapon, and optional reagent associated with Stage Gear.

The only difference will likely be the materials needed for the crafts.

Visit the Trainer:

Visit your Blacksmithing trainer and learn the Recipe: Truesteel Ingot and Recipe: Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing. These are essential to crafting or purchasing future recipes associated with Stage Gear and their optional reagents! Both of these crafts have a daily cooldown.

Truesteel Ingot:

Once you’ve learned the recipe, it is beneficial to immediately craft a Truesteel Ingot. This craft has a 24-hour cooldown and is an important material to craft every Blacksmithing Stage Gear.

Materials needed to craft a Truesteel Ingot.

Riddle of Truesteel:

To bypass the Truesteel Ingot cooldown, you can purchase a Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel. You will need a Level 3 Garrison and wait for the Trader: Alexi Hackercam (Alliance) or Trixxy Volt (Horde) to visit your Garrison.

This recipe will cost 60 True Iron Ore.

To profit from this recipe, you must acquire a soulbound material: Primal Spirit. You can obtain these regularly by gathering (Mining or Herbalism within Draenor); alternatively, you can earn them by eliminating elite and rare creatures throughout Draenor.

I’d recommend Tanaan Jungle due to the number of elite and rare mobs available!

You can also acquire Primal Spirit via missions from your Garrison Mission table and trade materials to a Trader, which has a chance to visit your Level 3 Garrison! More information regarding this is in my previous blog post: WoD Stage Gear.

Truesteel Breastplate (Base-Level):

You will need the Recipe: Truesteel Breastplate; this will cost you one Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing. You will notice when you craft a Truesteel Breastplate, you have several materials you need and the option of optional reagents.

To craft the Truesteel Breastplate, you’ll need the following.

Already you’ll notice how significant the Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel is. Without it, you’d need 13 days of crafts to get the 100 Truesteel Ingots. We will regard this as the base-level Truesteel Breastplate because we’ve not added any optional reagents.

Importantly, this will have its very own appearance!

Impressive Truesteel Essence (Optional Reagent):

Blacksmiths have two Impressive Essences, one for armor (Impressive Truesteel Essence) and the weapon type (Impressive Steelforged Essence). In this instance, we want Recipe: Impressive Truesteel Essence.

The recipe will cost you 5 Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing.

To craft an Impressive Truesteel Essence, we need the following materials.

Again, without the Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel, this will require an additional five days of crafting Truesteel Ingot.

Truesteel Breastplate (Impressive):

To earn the Impressive Truesteel Breastplate appearance (second appearance), craft the Truesteel Breastplate and add the Impressive Truesteel Essence in the Optional Reagent slot.

Remarkable Truesteel Essence (Optional Reagent):

Again as a reminder, there are two different Remarkable Essences for Blacksmithing; make sure you purchase Recipe: Remarkable Truesteel Essence. This will set you back another 5 Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing.

To craft a Remarkable Truesteel Essence, we need the following materials.

Without the Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel, this will take an additional eight days of daily crafts to acquire the 75 Truesteel Ingots.

Truesteel Breastplate (Remarkable):

As we did earlier with the Impressive Truesteel craft, we add the optional reagent: Remarkable Truesteel Essence instead; this will give us the third and final appearance of the Truesteel Breastplate.

Potential Issues with TSM:

We have our three Truesteel Breastplates in our inventory (Base-Level, Impressive and Remarkable), each with a different appearance; you’ll notice that Blizzard didn’t make our lives easier.

Usually, you’d add the Impressive or Remarkable tag to the item (i.e. Impressive Truesteel Breastplate), so a customer or we (as the crafter) can easily differentiate from each item/appearance. Wowhead doesn’t have different item IDs for each appearance either, so this could prove problematic to TSM (TradeSkillMaster) users.

However, I’ve submitted the potential issue via the issue reporter (on the PTR) and hope there’s still time for them to make an addition to make everyone’s life easier!


As you can see via this guide, we’ll need a lot of materials, most of which require a daily cooldown or a recipe that could take some time to acquire. I hope this might put a lot of value on these crafts again, as they did back in Warlords of Draenor.

If you’re looking to get into this market, and you have the Secret of Draenor [profession] and the ability to craft the Truesteel Ingots (or its equivalent to your profession), start preparing today to get a head start on your competition.

You must get the Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel (or the equivalent for your profession) as quickly as possible. Bypassing the cooldown will make your life easier when crafting the armor/weapon pieces you need!

To profit from this market, we will need a lot of materials, especially Primal Spirit, Savage Blood, and Felblight. Savage Blood has already quadrupled in value since the news of Patch 10.0.5 was released!

Make sure you get the correct value for your armor/weapon pieces. The market will take significant work, and the materials will steadily increase in value as the demand outweighs the supply; stay ahead of your competition and maximize your return on investment!

As I finish, I’m questioning whether or not I should be referring to this market as WoD Stage Gear, as we no longer have stages for this gear, as we did in Warlords of Draenor. Instead (thankfully), we only have to worry about three different crafts/appearances of any one armor/weapon piece and not the six.

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