Shadowlands Legendary Transmog

Shadowlands Legendary Transmog

Shadowlands Legendary Transmog:

I can confirm this evening that Blizzard has made it possible to craft /purchase Shadowlands Legendary Transmog and collect its appearance. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, it is available on the PTR (Public Test Realm).

The Proof:

Here is a screenshot of the tooltip from the PTR where I crafted a Boneshatter Helm. You’ll notice it informs me that I haven’t collected this appearance yet!

Shadowlands Legendary Transmog

Blizzard’s Plan:

Ever since Shadowlands was released, players have been demanding the opportunity to collect the appearances of Shadowlands Legendaries. However, Blizzard’s approach was to keep the integrity of the Legendary and consider the availability of their appearances in the next expansion.

With Dragonflight’s first patch on the horizon, it would appear Blizzard felt it was the right time to make Shadowlands Legendaries available for Transmog.


According to the PTR, there are no multiple appearances per item level, so if you’re considering crafting/purchasing these legendaries, it’s beneficial to craft/purchase the cheapest one.

The cheapest legendary should be item level 190 (the base level). Right-click on the item to equip and collect the appearance. Remember, there is still a unique-equip limitation, so you will need to unequip it to equip more pieces.

Demand for Materials:

As the news spreads and players catch on to the new development, the materials needed to craft these legendaries will increase in value; in some instances, the materials could be hard to acquire, especially if naughty Goblins reset the market.

Before today, most Shadowlands materials had deteriorated in demand/value. However, today’s developments mean there will be a demand for them again, thus driving up the value of the materials once more!

If you’re looking to get into this market on reset day (release of Patch 10.0.5), act fast to avoid disappointment!


I’ve crafted a few Mail and Leather Legendaries on retail and players already purchasing in preparation for reset day. The crafts cost 850 gold to create, and I’m selling them for 5.7k gold!

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