The Cobalt Assembly Nerf!

Cobalt Assemble Experience NERFED!

Cobalt Assembly Nerf!

Sadly, as of 26.01.2023, the developers have decided to reduce the experience gained from defeating enemies from within the Cobalt Assembly. The method to power-level your main or alt characters via the Cobalt Assembly is now worthless.

The news was revealed this morning via the hotfixes on MMO-Champion. [Source]

The Hotfix:

Here’s a snippet of the hotfix shared by MMO-Champion, this morning! Click the image to be redirected to the hotfixes via MMO-Champion!

Cobalt Assembly XP Nerf!!


For those unsure or didn’t know, you could tag mobs as low as level 60 and earn significant experience from assisting with a kill from mobs within the Cobalt Assembly.

Blizzard had incurred a hotfix earlier in the expansion to prevent boosting within a party, thus reducing the experience/reputation gained in a party with a character at level 70!

However, this proved to be insufficient, and players quickly found that simply tagging a mob (while soloing) and sitting back while others killed it rewarded them with a significant amount of experience!

When fully rested, you could earn up to 9k experience per kill, equivalent to handing in a quest. This method meant within a couple of hours, you could reach level 70 with little to no effort!


I’ll be brutally honest; I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. It was a power-leveling method that was that beneficial; some of the biggest World of Warcraft Twitch Streamers, notably Swifty and Towelliee, started streaming it!

Furthermore, with a greater highlight on this power-leveling method, it was only a matter of time before Blizzard would have to nerf this considerably to a stage where there were no experience gains whatsoever!

However, Blizzard felt this went against their philosophy and gameplay for leveling your character. My only question would be, if the developers designed this for max-level characters, why are Wild Arcana Orbs interactable at level 68?!

Alternatively, if you muddle in some Random Dungeons while completing World Quests to reach level 70, it won’t take too long! It could be worse; you could be trying to reach level 80, questing in Northrend back in the old days!

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