World Event: Day of the Dead

World Event: Day of the Dead

World Event: The Day of the Dead:

Today sees the return of the World Event: Day of the Dead. There are no level requirements, and everything purchasable is low in price! There are plenty of Toys, Cosmetics, and a very nice Companion Pet on offer.

The Event:

The event begins on the 1st of November at 10 am and ends on the 3rd at 10 am.

How to get Started?

To obtain the Companion Pet: Macabre Marionette, we’ll need to have cooking; if you don’t, go to your nearest Cooking Trainer and learn it! At the same time, acquire Ice Cold Milk and Simple Flour. Do this before heading out to Dalaran, as no vendor sells Ice Cold Milk in Dalaran

Traveling to Dalaran to complete this is the easiest method, as the other options require you to visit specific locations based on your race.

Day of the Dead Vendor: Chapman

Once you have cooking and the required materials, head to the Dalaran graveyard at the coordinates [34.39]. Please speak to the Day of the Dead vendor, Chapman, and purchase two items from him.

Learn the recipe and cook one Bread of the Dead at the Ghostly Cooking Fire. Once you’re ready, use the Orange Marigold, this will make it possible to see the Cheerful Dalaran Spirit.

They will have a quest, accept it, and complete it by handing over the Bread of the Dead. Your reward will be the Companion Pet: Macabre Marionette! Although this Companion Pet is Bind on Pickup, we can learn and cage it later to post on the Auction House!

Companion Pet: Macabre Marionette


If you have any Alts, make sure you complete this on all of them. The more alts, the more Battle Pets you can get! Make sure you cage the pets you’ve already learned, as you’re limited to three within your collection.

The Battle Pets Value:

As the World Event is only available for three days each year, these have a decent value on the Auction House. The values below are region averages. To view a specific realm, go to The Undermine Journal and input your realm for a precise value for your realm!

  • The U.S Region: 5000g
  • The E.U Region: 4900g

Post your Battle Pets after the World Event has finished for the best results. The longer you wait, the better the return on investment.

Dancing with Catrina:

Before you leave the graveyard, you can obtain an easy Achievement: Dead Man’s Party. Locate Catrina beside Chapman, target her, and dance with her. Voila, an easy accomplishment!

Catrina - Day of the Dead

Toys & Cosmetics:

Before the event finishes, be sure to purchase the following Toys and Cosmetics from Chapman.



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