Fyrakk Assaults

Fryakk Assaults

Fyrakk Assaults:

If you haven’t noticed already (due to the obscene amount of corpses), the Fyrakk Assaults are available and are a lot of fun (until you get to the Fyrakk Disciple). I took part in my first assault on my level 63 BM Hunter, looking for easy experience, but instead, hitting ilvl 354 with ilvl 379 Explorer gear at level 63!

Surprisingly there are some potential gearing options for your alts. Continue reading for more information!

Understanding the Fyrakk Assaults:

If you open your map, you’ll see that the Fyrakk Assualts are in Ohn’ Ahran Plains. The Assaults last for seven days and then will start in the next zone: Azure Span.

To participate, pick up the quests nearby and start killing mobs within the Suffusion Camp, especially the Forgemasters and Rare mobs. I’m unsure why they’re rare! You’ll see my point when you get started. These mobs are in high supply once players open Suffusion Mold and Suffusion Crucible. Keep your eyes peeled for Wards and Everburning Keys.

To open the Suffusion Mold, you need five Ward of Fyrakk. To unlock the Suffusion Crucible, you must obtain five Ward of Igira. Once you have your Wards, interact with the corresponding Suffusion Mold or Suffusion Crucible. A Forgemaster will spawn, which you and other players must defeat. Rinse and repeat!

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the Scenario and complete the objectives to move to the next stage. When Stage 3 of the Fyrakk Assault is completed, and you defeat the Fryakk Disciple: Kretchenwrath, hand in the quest to receive Drake’s Shadowflame Crest and Maruuk Centaur Insignia (Bind on Account).

Once per week, you can open the Secured Shipment. You will need to obtain three Everburning Keys to unlock. The Secured Shipment contains a piece of 405 Veteran gear (locked at level 70). You’ll also receive Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragments, Dragon Isles Supplies, gold, and trash. If you’re level 70, you’ll receive Flightstones, too – you may need to have unlocked the campaign to receive Flightstones!


Here’s a list of each set of quests depending on where the Fyrrak Assaults are located. Remember, each assault lasts for seven days, so the next assault will take place after the next reset.

Onh’ Ahran Plains:
Azure Span:

Leveling via Fyrakk Assaults:

I’ll admit, the experience gained via the Fyrakk Assaults for killing mobs is appalling. I was playing solo and tagging as many mobs as possible. I was getting between 75-150 experience per kill. However, some of the problematic mobs did reward a little more experience.

For clarity, there are quests within the Assault that reward some decent experience. When you complete the Fyrakk Assault by defeating the Fyrakk Disciple, you’ll be given a further quest: Disiple of Fryakk: Kretchenwrath, which awards 68,000 experience.

If you want to run around needlessly, with no care in the world, and get loot, gear upgrades, gold, etc, feel free to join in! Be aware the experience is nowhere near as extravagant as the experience from within the Cobalt Assembly (pre-nerf).

Looting ilvl 379 Explorer Gear:

UPDATE: As of 11th of May at 9 am (E.U Region), Blizzard implemented a hotfix that added a level 70 restriction to the ilvl 379 Explorer gear that was equipable by players below level 70. If you’re below level 70 and have any items equipped prior to the hotfix, these will be in red and will require you to remove them.

Now this deserved a section by itself. If you’re leveling a character via the Fyrakk Assaults, as I was this evening, you’ll be shocked to know that ilvl 379 Explorer gear was dropping for me. When I checked my bag initially, I assumed the equipment was locked at level 70.

However, there were PAWN upgrade icons. At first, I didn’t think anything of it until I could equip them. I took an image outlining my level 62 wearing 12 pieces of ilvl 379 gear. Having an ilvl of 354 at level 62 is insane and surely an oversight from Blizzard.

To put your minds at rest, I have immediately created a forum post hoping someone can respond and put our minds at rest. I assume this is an oversight, so I urge anyone reading this today to be careful not to equip this gear; this could be deemed exploitative and against Blizzard’s ToS! I’ve also created a tweet where I hope BlizzardCS_EU and @BlizzardDevs respond. Feel free to check it out and like the tweet to gain traction!

As a precaution, I immediately logged out and will await further information before logging the character back in. If the gear is safe to use (which I highly doubt), get involved and start gearing those alts! Be sure to check back for updates!

As if Heirlooms needed another negative point, this would make Heirlooms pointless in Dragonflight – so hold off from upgrading them to level 69NICE! The image below shows my level 62 character just before it dinged 63 – thanks to the Fyrakk Assault completing in the background!

ilvl 379 equipped at level 62


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