Quest: The World Awaits

Weekend Event: The World Awaits.

The World Awaits:

The Weekend Event this week is The World Awaits. Whether you’re an experienced player at level 70, leveling alts, or maybe looking to earn reputation to meet specific Renown ranks for RecipesToys, or gear, this blog post is for you! 

This week is an excellent opportunity to earn a lot of reputation for your preferred Dragon Isles Faction; continue reading for more information.

Quest: The World Awaits:

This week’s quest asks you to complete 10 World Quests within the Dragon Isles. Upon completing this task, you can choose an Insignia worth 2500 reputation for your chosen Faction. If you have a character with max Dragon Isles reputation, your chosen Insignia will be Bind on Account.

If you’re leveling a new character, or your main/alt needs to reach a specific Renown rank, this week’s Weekend Event is for you!

Location of Quest:

The quest can be found in Valdrakken from the NPC: Kazra. He is the Dragonkin (one taught Drakonoid), dual-wielding the huge weapons at the fountain! Coordinates are [49.60].

Sign of the Emissary:

To sweeten reputation gains further, you’ll notice that you have a buff: Sign of the Emissary. This week, you’ll earn a 50% increase in reputation gains from World Quests. Furthermore, this also works for handing in Insignia!

So if you’ve been storing any Insignia for alts, now is the time to use them! It’s also in your interest to do every World Quest available due to the potential reputation rewards for each World Quest!

Word of a Worthy Ally:

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, I remind you of the buff: Word of a Worthy Ally. If you have a main character that has already completed much of the Dragon Isles content and reached Renown milestones, your alts will receive a 100% increase in reputation gains up to Renown 10 or 20.

For example, I have several characters that have reached over rank 20 Renown per Dragon Isles Faction, so I have a bonus of 100% increased reputation up to rank 20 for all four Factions.

Once my character reaches rank 20 for a specific Faction, they will no longer receive the bonus for that Faction.

Why all the Fuss?

So I earn a Dragonscale Expedition Insignia (2500 reputation token) and mail it to my alt. They have the benefits mentioned above. When I use that Insignia, instead of earning 2500 reputation, I’ll earn 6250 instead! This process will power-level the reputations of my alts, quickly unlocking RecipesToysTransmog, and gear.

If you’re like me and stocked up Insignia’s for this Weekend Event, you’ll appreciate the considerable reputation gains available. If you’re not aware of it until now, it’s not too late to start! 

When the Weekend Event isn’t active, mail all your Insignia (if they’re Bind on Account) to an alt, and mail them to your preferred character when the Event begins.


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