Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE Market

Uncommon ilvl 232 BoE Market

Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs:

Today’s blog post will cover the Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE market. These armor pieces are for level 60 characters and can significantly increase a player’s stats/tertiary stats.

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Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV Gear

Shadowlands Crafter's Mark IV Gear

Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV Gear:

Today I want to enlighten (pun intended) you on the profitability of crafting and selling the Shadowlands Crafter’s Mark IV gear in Dragonflight. For those unsure, these are the ilvl 233 armor/jewelry pieces from Shadowlands professions.

Importantly, the Crafter’s Mark IV recipe is locked behind prerequisites; if you haven’t done them already, they are well worth the effort, even today! 

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