Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE Market

Uncommon ilvl 232 BoE Market

Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs:

Today’s blog post will cover the Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE market. These armor pieces are for level 60 characters and can significantly increase a player’s stats/tertiary stats.

Crafter’s Mark IV:

As I’ve posted recently, if you have the Crafter’s Mark IV recipes from Shadowlands, you can craft level 60 ilvl 233 gear. However, these pieces do not have tertiary stats. 

There is a market in Dragonflight for ilvl 233 crafted gear from Shadowlands as the materials are cheap to acquire, meaning your crafts are competitive with Uncommon ilvl 232 BoEs. Check out my blog post for more information.

Impending Heirloom Changes in Patch 10.1:

Before I go into great detail about this market, I want to clarify the impending Heirloom changes coming to Patch 10.1. According to the Public Test Realm (PTR) for Patch 10.1, we can increase the item level of our Heirloom pieces to ilvl 187!

Ilvl 187 is significantly lower than I anticipated and will not affect this market I’m sharing with you today! Confirmation of the Heirloom item level for a level 60 character can be found below.

Heirloom Item Level for level 60

Consider reading my new blog post: Heirlooms in Dragonflight, for further details regarding Heirlooms coming in Patch 10.1. The blog post also covers how Heirlooms scale for each level from level 60 to 69!

However, as with testing any future content, this can change at a later date, depending player’s feedback. Check Blizzard’s Developmental Notes and Wowhead frequently for potential changes that could affect this market.

Acquiring Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs?

There are two methods to acquiring Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs; you can farm them or purchase them from the Auction House to equip or flip!


Ideally, you want to be level 60 as armor looted scales to your player’s level. I suggest farming mobs in high-density areas, like the Brakenhide mobs in the Brackenhide Hollow area.

Reminder: Do not confuse the level 60 mobs with the level 70 mobs. The level 70 mobs do not scale down to you and are specific level 70 content.

I would also suggest locking your character at level 60; this will prevent you from earning experience and accidentally leveling up. If you reach level 61, you won’t be able to acquire Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs for level 60 players!


There are two methods to shop for Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs. If you’re a TradeSkillMaster (TSM) user, you can create a group and input the ilvl 232 pieces into a group. Otherwise, you can search via the default Auction House.

If you do not have TSM, you can do a manual scan. Select the Buy tab on the default Auction House. Select the Filter tab for Level Range and input 60 – 60. For Rarity, have Uncommon only selected.

This scan will return all uncommon BoEs for level 60; if it finds any ilvl 232 pieces, they will be at the top of the search. Please hover over the piece to confirm its ilvl before purchasing!

TSM Import String:

Alternatively, I’ve created a TSM Import String with the pieces available. Bear in mind this group of items only has the base ilvl 232 pieces and doesn’t recognize different stats/tertiary stats.

There are no operations assigned; you will need to do this! I opt for this to prevent any potential shopping/posting issues. 

You can amend the group and add items with other stats, but you will have a lot of things in your group which can affect loading and searching times when scanning the Auction House!

List of Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs

Items of Interest:

The pieces that have the most value are the trinkets.

  • Stonewatcher’s Toe
  • Stonewatcher’s Thumb
  • Stonewatcher’s Eye

The base trinkets are merely stat sticks; they will have either Agility, Intellect, or Strength. The bonus is they can carry a Secondary and tertiary stat. Ideally, you’d want a trinket with both a Secondary and Tertiary; these Trinkets would demand a value upwards of 20-35k gold at the Auction House.

The chance of obtaining these trinkets is low, hence the value they command.

For tertiary stats, you want either Avoidance (tanks)Leech, or Speed. Having one of these will significantly increase the value of the trinkets.

Average Values to Expect:

Here are some average values for which you can consider posting your Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoEs.

  • Ilvl 232 Armor Piece – 7.5k gold.
  • Ilvl 232 Armor Piece (including Tertiary stat) – 12k gold.
  • Ilvl 232 Trinket – 10k gold.
  • Ilvl 232 Trinket (including Secondary stat) – 15k gold.
  • Ilvl 232 Trinket (including Secondary & Tertiary stat) – 20-35k gold.


The Uncommon Ilvl 232 BoE market is very profitable. However, I’m not fond of farming; I purchase my pieces from the Auction House. As many players don’t create specific groups for their items, some items can get posted incorrectly.

For instance, players are accidentally posting ilvl 232 pieces at the same value as items at the lower or higher item level; this means that armor pieces are incorrectly posted at the wrong value, and we, the gold-maker, can swoop in for the profit.

While the average prices I posted above are values I’m getting, this doesn’t mean you must follow suit. The values are merely a guide; you can post lower or higher depending on your ambitions.

Let me know in the comment section how you’re getting on!


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Thanks for reading!


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