Darkmoon Faire Incoming 04.10.2020

On the 4th October at 12:01 am (tonight) brings the return of the Darkmoon Faire. The Faire is a very profitable event which turns up on the first Sunday of each month. What makes this more worthwhile is that it’s the last one before the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch (13th October) and the incoming level and item level squish.

I won’t go into great detail of the ins and outs of the Darkmoon Faire today; however, if you do want that information, I’ll redirect you to this post which delves into it in more detail.

Today, my post is concerning the elixir that’s discontinued in the Shadowlands pre-patch called Elixir of the Rapid Mind. You may be fortunate to have some left in your inventory and given the 15-minute usage; you may be apprehensive at how best to use it. If this is you, please consider using the elixir before handing in all your Darkmoon Faire quest items and dailies. Upon using this elixir, it will grant you: Increased experience gain by 300% for 15 minutes.

I must remind you that there’s a maximum level restriction of level 99this will not work for players above level 99! Also, be sure to have heirlooms equipped and any other experience buffs (e.g. Carousel buff – whee!) active.

Darkmoon Faire quest items:

Monstrous Egg (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Fallen Adventurer’s Journal (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Banner of the Fallen (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Captured Insignia (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Imbued Crystal (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Mysterious Grimoire (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Ornate Weapon (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Soothsayer’s Runes (15  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
A Treatise on Strategy (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)

TSM Import String:

I know using the elixirs whilst completing objectives (e.g. within Draenor) return incredible amounts of experience. My example today is just a more straightforward method that will produce a fair amount of experience, without the added fuss of trying to complete as many objectives as possible within the 15 minutes.

If you don’t have any elixirs in your inventory and want to power level your characters, you may be fortunate to find some on the Auction House. I think if you can find them up to 10k, then it’s well worth the return. I’ve been fortunate to see a lot around the 6k mark. If you have some alts that you want to level quickly, then it’s worth considering this method.

If this method is of no interest to you, and you have elixirs at your disposal, consider placing them on the Auction House for the benefit of other players to use. You have until the pre-patch releases to use them or sell them, before they’re discontinued and turn in to a grey painful looking item. As of the date of this post, you have 10 days till pre-patch releases!

If there’s anything further, that I may have missed out, please drop a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Darkmoon Faire Incoming 04.10.2020

  1. I splurged on few Elixir of the Rapid minds in the last few weeks, and did some testing. The methods outlined by Archvaldor in his fast 8.3 levelling video are pretty good, particularly the ones around using party sync. As a 60+ completing all of the quests in Dustwallow Marsh (plus a couple in Tanaris) gets you a full quest log of 25 completed quests, then partying up with a lowbie or alt lowbie account, and quickly running around to turn them all in can give you like 6-7 levels in just 15 minutes. It’s a pretty efficient way of using the pots until you can get to Warlords. Alternatively to maximise the usage of the pots, you can do a few of the low level pet trainers on a different char each day (some of which are account wide), then pop the potion, hand them in the second you log in, then log out to preserve the timer and rinse and repeat over a few days. This method preserves the duration, but you can’t really burn through 0-90 or whatever in a single day.

    I like the options with these Elixirs, and am a bit sad they are going away, but overall levelling should be pretty quick post pre-patch.

    • Thanks for the reply Wooraah, I’ve never heard of that method before, thanks for sharing!

      I can see why Blizzard felt it necessary to remove the elixirs, according to BETA, it’s going to be extremely quick to level. I won’t add the time it took on BETA as it’s likely Blizzard will make changes, now they have the extended time.

      If anyone is interested in Wooraah’s comment and wants more information regarding Archvaldor’s method, here’s a link to the video I believe he’s referring to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv2_6rhll-8

      Be aware that most of Archvaldor’s content can be deemed as exploits/hacks. Participate at your own risk.

  2. Indeed, some of his stuff is borderline, but the party sync method is just simple use of game mechanics that Blizzard added fairly recently (but appears to be mainly used for fast levelling methods).

    • That seems fair enough to me. I’ve just watched some more videos of his and they’re very good. He’s extremely honest with his viewers. I’ve subbed to his channel too, so thanks for the tip Wooraah!

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