Trading Post Rewards (March 23)

Trading Post Rewards - March 2023

Trading Post Rewards (March 23):

Here’s a look at the Trading Post Rewards for March 2023. Remember the Freeze option if you run out of Trader’s Tender to purchase a specific item; this should prevent it from expiring!

Trading Post Rewards:

Here’s a look at the rewards from the Trading Post this month. I’ve added helpful links and the cost of Trader’s Tender per item. You’ll notice that the Pandaren Monk (previously available from the Blizzard Shop) is available for 650 Trader’s Tender.

Trading Post Bonus Reward:

This month’s bonus reward is the Ensemble: Darkmoon Harlequin’s Bells. I quite like the look of it; however, it has received mixed reviews on Social Media. Remember, the reward is a bonus for earning 1000 Trader’s Tender within March. 

What do you think of the reward?

Bonus Reward for March - Trading Post

Freeze Option Issue:

In my first paragraph above, you might’ve noticed I said that the Freeze option should prevent an item from expiring. The reasoning is it appears that the Companion Pet: Garrlok I froze last month still expired.

I’m unsure if this is an oversight, but I can’t find the Companion Pet in this month’s rewards.

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