Tidespray Linen Bracer Nerf

Well, it appears there’s been another nerf and sorry to be the barer of more bad news. On this occasion, it involves our Tailor’s and the Bracer Shuffle. I had the difficult task to craft almost five thousand Tidespray Linen Bracers yesterday, in a bid to scrap them to increase my inventory of Expulsom. Sadly, the Bracer Shuffle which was kindly created and shared to the gold-making community by Samadan will now drastically need updating. Not heard of the Bracer Shuffle before, then check out Samadan’s video and spreadsheet.

Previously to the Shadowlands pre-patch, when you crafted Tidespray Linen Bracers, you had the chance to craft the Rare version, which you’d send to your Enchanter to disenchant. With the Iwen’s Enchanting Rod, it would boost the number of materials gained when disenchanting. This would ultimately offset a lot of the cost of scrapping Bracers for Expulsom and make it a lot more profitable to craft Enchants and Uncanny gear. However, after my efforts yesterday, I found I got no Rare Bracer crafts whatsoever. What I also noticed, when scrapping the Uncommon Bracers, there was an increase in other materials, most notably Deep Sea Satin and Embroidered Deep Sea Satin. I’ve added below the average returns per Bracer scrapped.

Nylon Thread1-2
Tidespray Linen1-2
Deep Sea Satin1-2
Embroidered Deep Sea Satin1-2

Now the knock-on effect of no Rare bracers to disenchant, will come at the price of Umbra Shards. At the moment, the quantities have already started to drop on many E.U Realms and the price of the Shards, drastically raising as players become aware of the demand outweighing the supply. Now it doesn’t just end there, with the increase to the prices of the enchanting materials will also mean there will be a drastic rise of Battle for Azeroth Enchants. So my warning to you today is, either start stocking up on the Umbral Shards for crafting or flipping, or find alternative means to generate the shards from alternative disenchants. It’s importantly to remind you to adjust the prices of your Enchants to reflect the new changes.

As it’s pre-patch and there’s hotfixes left, right and centre and undoubtedly changes on BETA, and the PTR to come, always remember this could change at any time! Don’t stock up on too much, only risk what you can afford to risk. I’m sure like myself, that the nerf to the Relics is still at the forefront of our minds and how quick developers can change things in an instance. It’s always important to adapt as the market changes. Adapting as quick as possible, separates us from our competition and that’s where we want to be if we want to be a successful gold-maker.

Have players on your realm already noticed the new changes and the shard prices starting to inflate? Having a lot of success, profiting from the bracer changes? share your experiences below in the comment section.

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