Mage Tower & Legion Timewalking

Legion Timewalking Event & Mage Tower Changes...

The Return of the Legion Timewalking Event:

Some of you may not be aware, but on the 12th of April for U.S. players (the 13th of April for E.U players), we’ll see the long-awaited return of the World Event: Legion Timewalking. This event was an extremely profitable market last time due to the re-emergence/release of the Mage Tower.

When the event opened for the first time, I managed to earn 10 million gold over the first seven days. Sadly, if you’ve frequently been monitoring Wowhead (or alternative websites), you’ll be aware that the Mage Tower has a significant change at the end of this month.

Legion Timewalking:

Legion Timewalking event consists of six Dungeons and the opportunity to earn reputation among nine Factions. If you haven’t reached exalted with these Factions, now is a great time to catch up! There are a lot of interesting rewards associated with each Faction, locked behind specific reputation levels. Below is further information on what is available during Legion Timewalking, including the Mage Tower!

A Shattered Path Through Time:

Firstly, if you’re level 70, pick up the Quest: A Shattered Path Through Time. The quest is available from Kazra (the Dragonkin in front of the fountain in Valdrakkan). Coordinates are [49.59].

The quest asks you to defeat five Timewalking Raid Bosses or Dungeons. Upon completing this quest, you’ll receive a piece of Gear at ilvl 415!

Legion Timewalking Dungeons:

Here’s a complete list of the Dungeons available during Legion Timewalking. Thanks to changes during Patch 10.1.7, you can now enter Legion Timewalking dungeons at level 45!

Legion Factions:

Here’s a list of Reputation Tokens that cost 50 Timewarped Badges each. These Tokens are Bind on Account, so if you play on alts, be sure to purchase these on those characters. For example, my main is collecting Timewarped Badges towards the mounts; why waste my Badges on my main when I can use my alts?

Mage Tower:

The Mage Tower is a solo challenge based on your class. No challenge is associated with Dracthyr’s, and it’s still too early to assume that developers will create one. The Mage Tower was originally created during Legion, and as I’m sure you’re aware, Dracthyr was only recently created during Dragonflight, hence their omission.

However, it would be great if the developers could implement something in the future!

Here’s a summary of the seven challenges below. There are some awesome rewards for completing these challenges! Continue reading this article for tips and tricks to min-maxing your character to make the Mage Tower easier!

Mage Tower Changes:

The Mage Tower will no longer need the World Event: Legion Timewalking; instead, it will be permanently open, starting from the next reset on the 29th of March for U.S. players (the 30th of March for E.U players).

Previously, players had a couple of weeks to obtain their gear and complete the Mage Tower challenges before it closed. Due to the time restraint, players paid outrageous prices for crafted equipment and consumables to quickly obtain the achievements.

With the new changes and the Mage Tower open permanently, players can now casually obtain their gear and consumables at their own pace, ultimately affecting gold-makers in the long run.

Confirmation of Mage Tower changes via Wowhead.

The Effect on Gold-Makers:

With no time limit, players can obtain the best gear for their class/character instead of rushing and purchasing crafted items. Consumables should still be profitable, and maybe BiS-crafted gear, but most of the PvP gear may no longer be profitable.

I’m merely guessing at this point, but if I had the choice of farming the best gear or paying thousands of gold for easily obtainable gear, I’d instead farm the best gear, knowing I have all the time in the world to complete the Mage Tower challenges.

However, players who have time restraints due to priorities outside of the game may still opt to purchase the gear.

Suspended/Banned Players:

It’s also worth reminding you that Blizzard recently suspended/banned players who were found guilty of having their accounts piloted through the Mage Tower. Since the date of this article, there doesn’t appear to be any further bans or suspensions!

Players who were found guilty (suspended) will have to redo the achievements of the Mage Tower!

Timewalking Spreadsheet:

If you’d like a detailed spreadsheet outlining the best gear for each class for the Timewalking Event (including the Mage Tower), check out this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet also details a lot of crafted consumables and equipment that may interest you.

Timewalking Spreadsheet


The best gems are via Dragon Soul. These gems were selling for between 5-10 thousand gold each. These gems are difficult to acquire as you purchase them from motes obtained from killing bosses, and due to the drop rate, these gems are limited; hence the high valuations.

If you’ve not been farming up to this point, you should try to do so now in preparation.

For information regarding this, check out my blog post here.

Adapting is the Key:

As the Mage Tower changes are only a couple of days old, it’s too soon to assess the knock-on effect on gold-makers compared to the first time it opened. When significant changes occur, I always remind my readers to adapt quickly to stay ahead of their competition.

If crafts are not selling, consider reducing your valuation or removing it from your posting routines. Alternatively, if they’re selling well, try increasing your valuation and profiting from the changes as early as possible.

Some gold-makers may not have realized the new changes, and we can profit from this. Don’t forget, the last time the Mage Tower was open, it accompanied the World Event: Legion Timewalking, which may have positively affected sales too.

Adapting is the key!


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[UPDATE] Added the new minimum level requirements to enter Legion Timewalking Dungeons, following the update from Patch 10.1.7! (24.09.23)

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