The Ukraine Crisis

I Stand With Ukraine!

The Ukraine Crisis:

It’s not often that I post something like this within my blog, but given the current conflict within Ukraine, it’s hard not to. Today, there are suggestions that the invasion could last months, if not for many years to come.

This conflict will undoubtedly come at an expense to many innocent civilians, and it’s heartbreaking to see so many people affected. The heroic men and women standing up for their country are nothing short of something I’ve seen from a Marvel movie – they’re all superheroes in their own right! 

The country’s president, Zelenskyy, also turned down the opportunity to escape the war, instead opting to stay and defend his country! That is the sort of leader you want, someone leading by example.

The sheer fact Russia has blocked Facebook and Twitter and has also created a new law, that prevents reporters from reporting news other than the Russian narrative tells you that they don’t want the Russian population knowing the true story!

Lastly, I despise the actions of Putin and anyone else that agrees with this invasion. Putin knows that the West cannot and will not get involved directly, knowing the outcome would result in World War 3 and no doubt a Nuclear War (which I believe he wants).

It’s a sad state of affairs that the actions and decisions of one man individual, can have a detrimental effect on everyone else. I also find it difficult to understand how you can dispute you’re guarding a Nuclear Power Plant, yet you’ve spent an evening bombarding it!

Bald and Bankrupt:

As you’ll know, I’m an avid viewer of the vlogger Bald and Bankrupt over on YouTube. The day before the news broke that Russia would be invading Ukraine, Bald was actually in Poland and ventured across the border to Ukraine.

About 7 minutes 26 seconds into the video, Bald arrives at Lviv (Eastern Ukraine). It’s hard to imagine that so many people were still going about their usual day-to-day activities, thinking nothing would happen; this is probably why so many civilians have been caught up within the conflict.

Approximately 15 minutes into the video, Bald makes his way to the small town on the Ukraine-Russian border.

The next video was filmed on the 25th of February; with the news that the invasion was well underway and Bald situated in Kyiv, he decided to leave and join the many refugees fleeing Ukraine. His destination, Hungary!

Ukraine Crisis – How to Donate:

If you haven’t done so yet, and want to follow me in donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis, please check out these helpful links below. I opted for Save the Children, but any one of them will have an impact on helping those in need within the Ukraine Crisis!

There are many other relief agencies you can donate to, but please be diligent when searching for one as people will take advantage of this crisis for ill-gotten gains.

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