Farming Candy Buckets

Hallow's End - Farming Candy Buckets

Farming Candy Buckets:

With Hallow’s End with us until the 1st of November, there’s still time for farming Candy Buckets; this is an ideal opportunity to gain experience and get involved in the Companion Pet/Battle Pet Market.

This Farm also benefits low-level characters; with the Winds of Wisdom buff, the experience isn’t too bad. I earned two and a half levels and 90 Tricky Treats just farming the Candy Buckets within Kalimdor!

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Hallow’s End

Hallow's End

Hallow’s End

In World of Warcraft this week, we see the long-awaited return of the World Event: Hallow’s End. Not only does the event bring another chance to earn the elusive The Horseman’s Reins, but many Companion Pets are available that sell considerably well in the Auction House.

Check out my guide for more information regarding the World Event: Hallow’s End! Be sure to check The Undermine Journal for updated valuations.

Thanks for reading, and have a safe Halloween!