Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough

Dracthyr Evoker Playthrough:

With all my Auction House routines completed for the fortnight, I fancied some Dragonflight pre-patch gameplay, so I decided to do a Dracthyr Evoker playthrough. And I was amazed at how fun Dracthyr was.

Please continue reading to follow my journey to level 60 and showcase what the Forbidden Reach has to offer!

Dracthyr Evoker Limitations:

If you read this post or watch my video and it offers some inspiration to start your own Dracthyr Evoker, you must be aware of the limitations.

Your First Dracthyr Evoker:

Upon creating your first Dracthyr Evoker, it will be free from any level requirements, allowing new World of Warcraft players to get straight into the action!

One Dracthyr Per Realm:

You can only have one Dracthyr per realm. The only exception to this limitation is if you play on a Connected Realm or you have Multiple Accounts. If you play on a Connected Realm, create a Dracthyr on one of the other Connected realms.

Subsequent Dracthyr Evokers:

If you plan to create another Dracthyr Evoker, you must have a character (non-Dracthyr) at level 50 or above in the realm you plan to play on.

When trying to create a Dracthyr and the option is greyed out, this means you’ve breached one of the limitations mentioned above.

Creating my Dracthyr Evoker:

Creating my Dracthyr was effortless, as I favor the random selection tool to create my character’s appearance. However, selecting a suitable name would appear a little more frustrating.

However, after many failed attempts, I finally stumbled upon the name: Shenron. For those unaware, Shenron is the name of a magical dragon from Dragon Ball.

Remember, with the Barber Shop, I can make any appearance changes in the future, and likely with Transmog in mind. When you first create your character, this isn’t easy, so I opt for the randomize option.

Customizing Shenron!

Below I will cover Specialization, Talents, Covenant, and Soulbind, which I aim to use for my new Dracthyr Evoker, Shenron.


I’ve always played a DPS specialization, and sadly I won’t deter from that. So I will be opting for Devastation when the choice comes.

Talent Tree:

I’ve selected the Single Target (Raid) talent tree here from Wowhead.


All four Covenants offer me the same power, Boon of the Covenants, but I’ve decided to join the Night Fae thanks to Flicker’s mobility.


The best Soulbind for Devastation and Single Target (Raid) is Dreamweaver.

Enabling and Disabling Addons:

A handful of valuable Addons will assist me in this playthrough; getting everything streamlined straight off the bat will ensure my time spent playing is less troublesome and free of errors!

ELVUI and Leatrix Plus are the main Addons I’ll use throughout, as I’m familiar with this UI, and Leatrix Plus will make handing in accepting quests efficiently. I’ve also opted for the following Addons.


As I’ve mentioned in a video I created, The Forbidden Reach – Hidden Treasures and Rares, I will use the quest: Train Like We Fight to maneuver around the Island to defeat rares and collect hidden treasure chests.

With the ability of Soar and the extra action ability of Try Again, I can quickly cover a lot of distance and instantly return to The Old Weyrn Grounds.

You can complete these rares and treasure chests whenever you wish. Remember, once you hit level 60, you have a chance of loot to upgrade to item level 252. So there’s a benefit to waiting till level 60 to complete the rares and treasures.

Rares & Hidden Treasure Chest:

Here’s a map detailing the rares and the hidden treasure chests on the Forbidden Reach. Check out my video or blog post for more information about rares and treasures.

Forbidden Reach Treasure chests and Rares.

Reaching Level 60!

As soon as I reach level 60 and complete all the quests associated with the Forbidden Reach, I will travel to Oribos to acquire Anima and Wisps of Memory.

To do this, I’ll profit from the Broker Mark of Distinction from Au’Dara. You will need 2000g to follow this method. By purchasing four, I can reach Renown level 60 with all four Covenants and acquire 4000 Anima and four Wisps of Memory.

Reminder: Pick up the Incense of Infinity; this token will unlock and upgrade your Conduits to level 200.

Profiting from the Command Table:

Go to my Covenant and purchase the Command Table. After an hour-long wait, I can activate the Command Table. Before I accept the remaining Soulbinds or Companions, I use two (or more) Wisps of Memory on Niya.

As the Troops from the Command Table receive an average level based on your Companions, having only one available and leveled to 46 means my Troops will hit level 46 too! The Troops will then go on to power-level my Companions through missions.

Once I’ve upgraded the Troops to my desired level, I can interact with the remaining Soulbinds (including Dreamweaver) and accept the additional Companions from Watcher Vesperbloom.

Gearing My New Dracthyr Evoker:

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Pre-Patch event: Primal Storms, is currently active. You can acquire gear by completing the quests and killing the mobs at designated invasions.

Use the addon: TomCats to assist you with the current invasions.

If you’re unlucky to receive the gear you require, purchase the items you need via the currency: Primeval Essence. It won’t be long until your character is kitted in item level 252 gear!

Mythic+ & Fated Raid Carries:

If you want to bump your item level further, consider purchasing Mythic+, or Fated Raid carries for gold. Check for boosting communities or the Services chat channel for adverts.


For those of you eagle-eyed viewers, you’ll notice that I haven’t selected any professions for this character. I’m waiting for as long as possible before choosing my profession for Dragonflight.

With around five days till Dragonflight launches, there’s still sufficient time for Blizzard to make many changes within Professions; and knowing my luck, for the worse.

If you require some hints and tips on the profession front for Dragonflight, check out Manthieus on YouTube and Twitch. He’s cranking out some awesome Dragonflight Beta profession content!

The Playthrough!

Here’s a video I made showing my playthrough. I hope you enjoy it. Yes, I am a keyboard turner, and I suck, hence why I opt for ranged DPS classes!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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