Farming Candy Buckets

Hallow's End - Farming Candy Buckets

Farming Candy Buckets:

With Hallow’s End with us until the 1st of November, there’s still time for farming Candy Buckets; this is an ideal opportunity to gain experience and get involved in the Companion Pet/Battle Pet Market.

This Farm also benefits low-level characters; with the Winds of Wisdom buff, the experience isn’t too bad. I earned two and a half levels and 90 Tricky Treats just farming the Candy Buckets within Kalimdor!

I’m only covering Horde routes at this early stage, as I don’t have many Alliance players. However, If time is on my side, I’ll try and create something in the coming days!

Why Farm Candy Buckets?

When looting Candy Bucket, we obtain a Handful of Treats; these have a random amount of Tricky Treats, a currency used to purchase Companion Pets from Woim (Horde) or Pippi (Alliance).

Four Companion Pets are available and will cost 150 Tricky Treats each. Thanks to The Undermine Journal (TuJ), we can see that if we post these to the Auction House, we can earn between 30-70k gold per Companion Pet.

Don’t fret if your realm isn’t suitable for selling Companion Pets; learn it and cage the pet to trade on an alternative realm; this is why trading Battle Pets is a very versatile market!

The Naxxy pet used to be very profitable; I used to be able to sell these for approximately 100k each. As the quantity on the Auction House increased, the valuation slowly declined. As you see below, there’s still a lot of value!

Here’s a glance at the TuJ Median value for all four pets. Both U.S and E.U are very similar in value, but as I always ask, check your realms data!

Four Companions Pets from Hallow's End

The Farm:

As every City, Town, and Village has a flight point, we can use the flight path system to travel around, looting the Candy Buckets. As this farm is straightforward, we can Netflix (YouTube) and chill!

Now, there are some limitations, which I’ll cover later. Check out the Toys section of this blog post to assist with flight paths you’ve not unlocked. 


Here’s a confirmed list of continents that have Candy Buckets available.

  • Kalimdor
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  • Outlands
  • Northrend
  • Cataclysm
  • Pandaria
  • Draenor (within your Garrison)
  • The Broken Isles (within Dalaran)
  • Kul Tiras & Zandalar (within Faction major City)

Reminder, no Candy Buckets within the Shadowlands expansion!

Flight Points:

I’ll add a preferred route later in the post outlining an efficient course. Due to weird flight paths, on some occasions, it’s quicker to fly manually to a destination. For example, flying from Razor Hill will always take you back to Orgrimmar!

Consider using your flying mount and fly straight to Grol’dom Farm (Northern Barrens) from Razor Hill, as Grol’dom Farm doesn’t have a flight point! 


Several limitations (phased zones) and a non-flight point will keep you on your toes; I’ve added them below.

Phased Zones:

The most notable limitation you may experience is within four zones, Darkshore, Silithus, Arathi Highlands, and the Blasted Lands. These can have different phases, meaning to access the flight points/Candy Buckets, you may need to speak to an NPC to enter an earlier phase in time.

Here are the NPCs for each zone, including coordinates.

The only other phase I can think of that might be an issue is the starting area in Pandaria; for Horde players, it’s Honeydew Village, and for Alliance, Paw’don Village. The flight point will not be usable if you’ve not completed this area.

Farm with No Flight Point:

Reminder: Grol’dom Farm (Northern Barrens) doesn’t have a flight point, so you must manually travel to this destination. It is a short ride to the Farm from the Crossroads, Nozzlepot’s Outpost, or, as mentioned above, from Razor Hill.

Limited Vendor Recipes:

While flying around all the continents, check out vendors within Cities, Towns, and Villages for vendors with limited vendor recipes. These recipes (depending on your realm) can sell for a lot of gold at the Auction House.

If you pick up all the recipes, you’ll look at around 30k gold worth of recipes! Check out the Addons next for information.



Not only do you want HandyNotes, but you’ll also need Hallow’s End and Limited Supply Vendors.


When you loot a Handful of Treats, they are unique items; you need to use them before acquiring more. To prevent the need to search your bags, I use FarmIt and add the Handful of Treats to the bar.

Leatrix Plus (Dragonflight):

This Addon is widely used by most players already; however, if you don’t have it yet, you’re missing out! Leatrix Plus can auto-complete quests, meaning you only need to click the Candy Bucket once for you to loot it!


Here’s a selection of Heirloom Scouting Maps that will make this process easier for you. Four Scouting Maps are Faction-specific, which I’ve highlighted below. If you haven’t purchased these, check your nearest Heirloom vendor, they will cost you 10,000g each!

Available to both Factions:

Heirlooms and War Mode:

You can earn a set bonus with Heirloom gear and increased experience when you enlist for War Mode. There is no harm in doing both.


Although Heirloom gear doesn’t give any experience gains, it still prolongs the rested experience. If you’re leveling characters, equip two or six Heirloom pieces to qualify for a set piece bonus. [source]

  • Two Pirce Bonus: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%!
  • Six Piece Bonus: Rested experience consumed by an additional 30%!
War Mode:

If you enlist in War Mode, be prepared for players of the opposite Faction. I’ve had no issues, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be exempt. I go by; if I’m left alone, I leave you alone!

War Mode offers a flat 10% bonus to experience from quests, but if your Faction is unbalanced, that bonus can increase by a further 20%! [source]

The Routes:

These are the routes I take; these are not necessarily the quickest, but they’re efficient. Flight points with a blue arrow denote that manually flying may be beneficial (depending on your flight speed).

Reminder: These routes only include Horde Candy Buckets; I hope to have something for Alliance players soon, sorry!


Candy Bucket Route for Kalimdor


Eastern Kingdoms:

Candy Bucket Route for Eastern Kingdoms


Candy Bucket Route in Outland


Candy Bucket Route in Northrend


These Candy Buckets are straightforward, follow the icon on your map (minimap).


Candy Bucket route in Pandaria

  • Garrison
Broken Isles (Dalaran):
  • Alliance: A Hero’s Welcome (inn)
  • Horde: The Filthy Animal (inn)
  • Neutral: Legerdemain Lounge (inn)
Battle for Azeroth:
  • Alliance: Tiragarde Sound – Boralus
  • Horde: Zuldazar – Dazar’alor


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!


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