New Character Services

World of Warcraft Character Services

New Character Services:

Since the release of patch 9.2.5, there are new character services available. You may be in a slight predicament once you’ve purchased your bundles if you’re unaware of the changes or the new process. 

As I’ve hinted, I took advantage of the eight-character bundle service (normally a six-character bundle), but there was a considerable delay in the tokens showing up. Sharing my experience in today’s blog may help anyone else who may experience any issues or delays.

Below for the benefit of those unaware, I will also walk you through the new process.

Character Transfer & Faction Change Bundles:

As mentioned above, patch 9.2.5 saw improvements to the character services available. Now we have Character Transfer and Faction Change bundles.

Previously, we went to the in-game shop, selected the character(s) we wished to transfer or faction change, selected the destination or faction, and then paid the fee. Now we purchase tokens similar to a character boost.

An icon on the character screen will highlight your amount of Character Transfers or Faction Changes available. 

Click on the token to start the Character Transfer or Faction Change process.

How Much Are The Bundles?

These bundles are available in three different amounts and prices.

Character Transfers:
  • 1x Character Transfer (£13.30) £19
  • 3x Character Transfers (£25.90) £37
  • [8]x Character Transfers (£60)
Faction Changes:
  • 1x Faction Change (£13.30) £19
  • 3x Faction Changes (£25.90) £37
  • [8]x Faction Changes £60

With the ongoing 30% Special offer, I’ve added the discounted prices in brackets. Also, a reminder that the eight-character bundle is normally a six-character bundle! The offer ends on the 7th of June for N.A players and the 8th of June for E.U Players.

 What Bundle Should I Purchase?

The good thing about these bundles/tokens is that you can use them immediately or keep them for later use. Ideally, only use the money, gold you can afford to spend.

Due to my gold balance being at 129 million, I paid 1.8 million to purchase 6 WoWTokens and bought the Eight-Character Transfer Bundle.

Now, I have no interest in transferring eight characters at this point, but the bundle worked out at £7.50 each instead of the overpriced £19 for one character. When the special offer ends, it will revert back to a six-character bundle option; this will mean it will work out at £10 each, which is still an incredible deal!

So, my advice would be, if you have the funds available, consider the 8x bundle; this has a greater value in the long term!

I’ve Purchased My Tokens; where Are They?

Upon purchasing your bundle(s), log out of the game and relog. You should notice your tokens appear on the character screen within a few minutes. If you don’t see your token(s) (like I experienced), you might be experiencing a slight delay while the game updates your account details! 

If you encounter any issues or concerns regarding a purchased service, always reach out for support. Although they’re busy, they are extremely helpful!

Things to Consider Before Transferring:

Depending on your character’s level, there are limitations on the amount of gold you can transfer.

  • Level 10 to 39 – 10k
  • Level 40-49 – 250k
  • Level 50-60 – 1m

To bypass the gold limitations, consider using The Undermine Journal (TUJ) and invest your gold in items you can purchase from your current realm that sell for a greater value in your target realm.

Be considerate of items that have unique limitations. Specific Mounts and Companion Pets can have unique limitations, meaning only one can be within your inventory at any one time.

Don’t have any Battle Pets or Heirlooms within your inventory or character; otherwise, this will delay your transfer until you learn or remove them.

Check out Blizzard’s Support Page for all the character transfer limitations.

Inventory Too Big To Character Transfer:

If your inventory is too large and you’re reluctant to dump most of it on the Auction House to free up space, you have two options.

Option One:

If your inventory fits into your personal bank and a 7-slot Guild Bank, consider opting for a Guild Transfer instead. You will be able to transfer 11 million gold using this method, as the Guild Bank can have the gold cap deposited.

This method will cost you £30.

You must be the Guild Master for the Guild for seven days for the transfer to complete successfully!

Option Two:

This option will consist of three or more characters you’re willing to transfer to your destination realm. With the ability to purchase a three or eight-character bundle, it’s never been a better time to move multiple characters.

Once you know how many characters you need to successfully transfer your gold or inventory, purchase the character transfer bundle that fulfills your needs.

Things to Consider Before Changing Faction:

If you currently play on Horde or Alliance and want to change faction to transfer items, don’t waste your token(s)! Thanks to the addition of Cross-Faction Gameplay, it’s now possible to mail gold and items to alts or a new main on the opposite faction.


Always contact support if you encounter any issues or concerns regarding a character service.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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