Umbral Ink Shuffle

Umbral Ink Shuffle:

It’s finally here, the Umbral Ink Shuffle. You’re probably wondering, what do you mean it’s here? In Shadowlands, the primary ink we can trade is Umbral Ink. We need the valuation of Umbral Ink to be low enough to make the shuffle worthwhile, and with Umbral Ink averaging 48g on E.U, that moment is finally here.

However, Umbral Ink’s average value is 59g each for players within the U.S region. You might have to wait a little longer, but it depends on the prices compared to other inks.

What Is An Ink Shuffle:

To assist you in correctly investing your gold, check the website: The Undermine Journal for prices for inks for your realm. The idea is to purchase Umbral Ink, visit an Ink Trader, and trade for any ink you feel is profitable. Ideally, you need to be looking at a minimum of 15g profit per ink to make this worthwhile.

Increasing Your Profit Margins Further:

If you have the profession: Inscription, you can also craft Umbral Pigment via Death Blossom. If you purchase 20 Death Blossom (at 3g 40s each), you’ll get, on average, 2.8 Umbral Pigment per mass mill. Meaning you’re looking at approximately 24g per Umbral Pigment. That’s before even factoring in the value of the Luminous Pigment and Tranquil Pigment!

Although this method includes a lot of work, it has a lot of value!

Umbral Ink Shuffle Example:

The E.U average price for Umbral Ink is 48g each. If you were to purchase 200 and trade this into an Ink Trader for 200 Sallow Pigment (which values 138g each), you could make approximately 18000g profit.

This example is the top end; expect the profit margins to be lower.

You’ve Used Median Prices; why?

I’ve added Median prices to offer an average price across the region. For the best results, always check the valuations for your realm; you’ll find the prices are much lower or considerably higher.

How Long Will This Last For?

As the expansion prolongs and the materials continue to drop in valuation, it will become easier for others to get involved. If you want to participate in this market, getting involved as soon as possible is best.

As more people get involved, the market will become saturated, and the value of the ink will start to come down in line with the trader shuffle. To prolong this further, consider posting small amounts of ink to the Auction House. This method will allow other players to post inks too, and not oversaturate the market.

The Knock-on Effect:

Remember, with inks obtainable a lot cheaper than the Auction House via the vendor shuffle; there will be a knock-on effect to other crafts. Glyphs and any other crafts that use ink will start dropping in value.

As I always advise, adjust your material/craft prices regularly and adapt quickly to stay ahead of your competition.

What Inks To Trade:

Below are inks valued at E.U median via The Undermine Journal. Value your inks via your realms data for the best results!

Umbral Ink – 48g

  • Moonglow Ink – 79g
  • Midnight Ink – 81g
  • Shimmering Ink – 114g
  • Celestial Ink – 150g
  • Jadefire Ink – 109g
  • Ethereal Ink – 100g
  • Ink of the Sea – 75g
  • Roseate Pigment – 57g
  • Sallow Pigment – 138g

As you can see, you can make some considerable profit by trading Umbral Ink with the inks above.

What About Uncommon Inks?

Now, I don’t recommend trading Umbral Ink for the Uncommon Inks. The value isn’t there. It costs 10 Umbral Ink to purchase 1 Uncommon Ink. Given the price of Umbral Ink is 48g, we’d need to sell an Uncommon Ink for 550g for it to be worthwhile, and the highest valued Uncommon Ink is Inferno Ink at 165g.

If Umbral Ink falls to 10g each soon, then there’s potential, but at this time, I don’t recommend trading Umbral Pigment for Uncommon Inks.


I’ve been doing the Umbral Ink Shuffle for almost a month now. The inks I’ve found profitable: Roseate Pigment, Sallow Pigment, Jadefire Ink, Midnight Ink, and Moonglow Ink.

I’ve been selling the other inks, but I’ve not seen much return yet compared to those above.

I’ve been doing the Ink Trader Shuffles for several expansions now, and I can reiterate that the quicker you get involved in this market, the better. Once other players/gold-makers get involved, the market will start to get saturated, bringing down prices of all the inks.

Have you been shuffling Umbral Ink, and how well is it going for you? Share your comments below!


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Thanks for reading!

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