Lavish Software Christmas Sale

Lavish Software Christmas Sale

Lavish Software Christmas Sale:

Today I took advantage of Lavish Software’s Christmas sale and extended my subscription until 2026. With time a precious commodity with World of Warcraft, it’s beneficial to use software like JoeMultiboxer to simultaneously complete tasks on multiple accounts.

To use JoeMultiboxer, you need an active Lavish Software subscription.

I Thought Multiboxing was Illegal in WoW?!

Multiboxing, or using multiple accounts simultaneously, has always been legal! I’ve been using JoeMultiboxer since Blizzard changed their policy via their Terms of Service (ToS).

What is illegal is using software that broadcasts keystrokes (Otherwise known as – Input Broadcasting) from one account to another. JoeMultiboxer doesn’t have this functionality, so it’s safe to use within World of Warcraft.

I have even contacted a GM and had them confirm that JoeMultiboxer was safe to use. If you want to complete World Quests (or any other content), the /Follow feature is safe to use.

If you need to DPS a mob or heal one of your characters, make sure any keystroke is explicitly used within that window and not broadcasted from another – doing so will deem you breaking Blizzard’s ToS and will likely incur you a ban!

To clarify, do not broadcast ANY keystrokes, and you’ll be fine!

What Can JoeMultiboxer Do?

Thanks to JoeMultiboxer’s window layout, it’s easy to play multiple accounts simultaneously; this means you can complete more tasks over all your accounts more efficiently.

In my circumstance, I can have multiple windows open simultaneously depending on how many accounts are active with a subscription. I had eight accounts active in the past, and I could easily see what was happening in each window.

Sadly, I reduced this number to five since Blizzard’s policy changes to Multiboxing. Even with five accounts active and running, JoeMultiboxer made it simple to interact with different players via different windows, to make leveling, and posting auctions easy.

Setup is straightforward, and the software is easy to use; they also have plenty of guides and help via their forum. Alternatively, check out the DualBoxing forums. If you experience any issues or have any questions, check out their Discord Channel!

How Do I Get JoeMultiboxer?

If you’re interested in Multiboxing in World of Warcraft with JoeMultiboxer, you need a Lavish Software subscription. Once you have an active subscription, download JoeMultiboxer and follow the installation steps.

Please consider using my referral link if you don’t have an account. Doing so will benefit both of us. Below are the rewards for signing up via my referral. 

  • If your friend purchases a subscription, you get at least 30 days for free, and your friend gets at least 15 days for free!
  • If your friend purchases at least 1 year of subscription, you get a total of 45 days for free, and your friend gets a total of 30 days for free!

If this interests you, click on my referral link and follow the steps to register! If you’re prompted to confirm my email address, it’s:

What are the Current Offers?

There are two active offers at Lavish Software; the powerup offer offers you 2 Years for $75, and the xmas2022 offer where you can save $5 on 90 days, $10 per Year, or $40 for every 3 Years!

  • 90-Day Gaming Tools Pro Subscription: $15 $10 (code: xmas2022)
  • 365-Day Day Gaming Tools Pro Subscription: $50 $40 (code: xmas2022)
  • Two-Year Gaming Tools Pro Subscription: $75 (code: powerup)
  • Three-Year Gaming Tools Pro Subscription: $150 $110 (code: xmas2022)

JoeMultiboxer Revisited:

Check out my blog post if you’d like further information regarding JoeMultiboxer.

Future Promotions:

To keep updated with Lavish Software’s future promotions, keep your eyes peeled on their ISBoxer Facebook page!


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