Disenchanting: Profession Equipment Shuffle

Profession Equipment Shuffle

Profession Equipment Shuffle:

Welcome to today’s guide, where I cover the profitability of the Profession Equipment Shuffle!

We’re now in the third week of Dragonflight, and the commodity market is starting to settle. With players still scampering around trying to level alternative Professions, you’ll notice crafts (especially Profession Equipment) dumped on the Auction House that Enchanters (like me) can find profitable.

Yes, Profession Equipment can be Disenchanted!

Miss-Posting Profession Equipment:

Before I start, I’d also like to point out that Profession Equipment is getting miss-posted at the Auction House. Most players post their auctions via the default Auction House; when they add their Profession Equipment, it doesn’t sort via item level but instead sorts the auctions by value.

The issue here is that item level 346 Profession Gear is being mistakenly posted at the cheapest value instead of the cheapest item level 346 item already on the Auction House.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll see I made a Tweet about this, urging others to purchase under-priced item level 346 Profession Equipment. If you see these pieces when doing this shuffle, don’t disenchant them; repost them for instant profit!

Under-priced Profession Equipment


While this guide is ideal for anyone interested in Disenchanting, this is an excellent opportunity for players new to gold-making or with a small bankroll. The risks are small, and the profit margins can be rewarding depending on your investment.

You’ll also benefit from the materials you acquire from Disenchanting to craft Enchants. Selling those Enchants will increase your profit margins further.

If you have no interest in creating Enchants, you can sell the materials at the Auction House instead. Be aware of Raid Nights, where players look to Enchant their gear (to min-max their character), and the demand for materials is higher.

Players in highly populated realms will likely find more items to Disenchant within their price range.


There is no mass Disenchanting ability; you will need to Disenchant every item one by one manually. You can use the TSM Destroying feature, the ElvUI Deconstruct Mode, or assign your Disenchant tool to your Action Bar.

Players playing on a low/medium populated server may not have a lot of cheap items available on the Auction House, so this method may not be possible for you.

Disenchanting Setup:

To make Dragonflight: Disenchanting and this Profession Equipment Shuffle as profitable as possible, you’ll need to unlock the Specialization: Insight of the Blue and spend 40 Knowledge points in Draconic Disenchantment.

Forty knowledge points will equal a 40% increased chance of obtaining additional reagents when Disenchanting.

Disenchanting Specialization

Purchasing Profession Equipment:

Check your Auction House and look for the following items that you’ll receive when doing the Profession Equipment Shuffle.

Assuming every item you purchase would equal one Chromatic Dust, this is the maximum you should pay for an item; this method prevents the risk of you losing all your investment.

If your Chromatic Dust is five gold each, don’t pay anything more than five gold for your item! When you get a proc (acquire more materials), this will increase your profit margins further!


E.U Region.

I’ve purchased 28 pieces of Profession Equipment at 2g each; upon Disenchanting, I earnt 58 Chromatic Dust (217g 50s) and 2 Vibrant Shards (150g). The sample size is small, so expect different outcomes.

If you don’t have 40 knowledge points in Draconic Disenchantment, that will affect your results too.

Investment: 56g
Return: 365g 50s
Profit: 311g 50s

Purchased Profession Equipment


While 311 gold profit doesn’t look very appealing at first glance, this can be more appealing if you purchase more items acquiring more materials. The greater the investment, the greater the return on investment!

The example I used above was to show what we can achieve with the Profession Equipment Shuffle. I didn’t want to click-bait readers into big numbers; instead, I’ve illustrated achievable results that anyone can make.

You’ll consistently profit by staying within the value of one Chromatic Dust; if you want to increase your profit further, consider crafting Enchants or selling your materials in the build-up to a Raid Night.

Players will min-max their gear on Raid Nights and, more importantly, seek Enchants/Enchanting Materials for newly acquired gear – profit from them!


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Thanks for reading!

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