Dragonriding Quality of Life Improvements

Dragonriding Quality-of-Life Improvements.


Dragonriding is, without a doubt, one of the best features that Blizzard has introduced in World of Warcraft for a very long time, but there are some quality-of-life improvements you can make to improve your experience.


One of the issues I constantly encountered (well, not anymore) was the need to quickly dismount. Previously you’d need to right-click the Dragonriding icon in the top right-hand corner to dismount.

However, if you mount up on your Dragon, then open your Collections Tab and find your Dragon Icon, drag the icon to your Special Action Bar, so when you need to dismount quickly, hit the Dragon.

Due to muscle memory, I’ve placed my icon on the far right-hand side.

Additional icons added to Special Action Bar.

Bronze Timepiece:

If you frequently participate in the numerous Dragonriding courses scattered around the Dragon Isles, you’ll be familiar with the Bronze Timepiece. Selecting this during a failed attempt will automatically send you back to the start.

Using this option will also prevent needing to speak to the Bronze Timekeeper to restart the race; instead, the race will restart automatically.

When you speak to the Bronze Timekeeper, the Bronze Timepiece is added to your inventory; what use is it there? Instead, drag the Bronze Timepiece to your Special Action Bar.

Don’t confuse this option with the Bronze Timelock; both do completely different things in different scenarios.


Many of my readers will already be aware of these quality-of-life additions; however, there may be a few that are not.

If you haven’t already incorporated these changes, you might be surprised at how efficient they are. Having everything available on your Special Action Bar will make a massive difference to how you progress in races (trying to reach Gold) or quickly dismount to tag a rare with 2% health remaining.

Reminder, you must be mounted on your Dragon to view the Special Action Bar for Dragonriding!


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