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The transmog market can be a fickle market at times, but can net you a vast amount of gold, if you put the time and effort in to it, oh and not forgetting, you have to be very VERY patient. When I first started dabbling in transmog I was on a very high populated server called Draenor and the competition was rife and at times, it did look somewhat daunting, with the prospect of having over a 1000 items, always getting undercut and needing to constantly repost to see any return on investment.

Thankfully since the emergence of Warlords of Draenor and my recent move to a smaller populated server, I have seen some very encouraging signs on my transmog sales. It’s been without doubt a very slow process to rebuild my transmog stock, but the statistics I’ve seen from my TSM3 accounting summary shows that the hard work is starting to pay off. My stock at the time of writing this, consists of approximately 600-650 items, but I’m looking to get somewhere around the 1250+ mark to see a greater variety on the Auction House and obviously a further increase in sales.

Below is a copy of my sales summary for the last 90 days.

Transmog sales summary

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll notice I tend to do a lot of farming for my Transmog items. I mostly run AQ20, AQ40, Uldaman, Zul’Farrak and a number of others. You can also get a lot of transmog from the Salvage Yard, which you can get via your Garrison, I have 7 level 3 Salvage Yards, so I’m constantly churning out transmog on a daily basis. It’s a bit tedious at times, but worth it when you see the results.

More recently, you will have seen me post regarding the Darkmoon Faire too, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some very desirable Replica transmog items and can net you a serious amount of gold, anywhere as little as 4k to as high as 25k, depending on your server. If you missed my post, please do read it HERE, you can make an absolute mint, if you take the time to read it and implement it.

Please do remember, the transmog market is an extremely slow market. So don’t expect an overnight sale as soon as you dip your toes in the market. The more items you post, the more chances of selling something. Start small and work your way up and always post your items for 12 hours, until you start getting a feel for the market on your realm. I’ve been on this realm for almost 3 Months and have only just started posting at 48 hours as I’m quietly confident, that i can cover the posting costs and the competition is low. Again, this differs from realm to realm.

Anyway, thanks for reading, if you have any questions, drop me a line below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time, good luck and happy farming!

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