The Transmog Market…

The transmog market can be a fickle market at times, but can net you a vast amount of gold, if you put the time and effort in to it, oh and not forgetting, you have to be very VERY patient. When I first started dabbling in transmog I was on a very high populated server called Draenor and the competition was rife and at times, it did look somewhat daunting, with the prospect of having over a 1000 items, always getting undercut and needing to constantly repost to see any return on investment.

Thankfully since the emergence of Warlords of Draenor and my recent move to a smaller populated server, I have seen some very encouraging signs on my transmog sales. It’s been without doubt a very slow process to rebuild my transmog stock, but the statistics I’ve seen from my TSM3 accounting summary shows that the hard work is starting to pay off. My stock at the time of writing this, consists of approximately 600-650 items, but I’m looking to get somewhere around the 1250+ mark to see a greater variety on the Auction House and obviously a further increase in sales.

Below is a copy of my sales summary for the last 90 days.

Transmog sales summary

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll notice I tend to do a lot of farming for my Transmog items. I mostly run AQ20, AQ40, Uldaman, Zul’Farrak and a number of others. You can also get a lot of transmog from the Salvage Yard, which you can get via your Garrison, I have 7 level 3 Salvage Yards, so I’m constantly churning out transmog on a daily basis. It’s a bit tedious at times, but worth it when you see the results.

More recently, you will have seen me post regarding the Darkmoon Faire too, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some very desirable Replica transmog items and can net you a serious amount of gold, anywhere as little as 4k to as high as 25k, depending on your server. If you missed my post, please do read it HERE, you can make an absolute mint, if you take the time to read it and implement it.

Please do remember, the transmog market is an extremely slow market. So don’t expect an overnight sale as soon as you dip your toes in the market. The more items you post, the more chances of selling something. Start small and work your way up and always post your items for 12 hours, until you start getting a feel for the market on your realm. I’ve been on this realm for almost 3 Months and have only just started posting at 48 hours as I’m quietly confident, that i can cover the posting costs and the competition is low. Again, this differs from realm to realm.

Anyway, thanks for reading, if you have any questions, drop me a line below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time, good luck and happy farming!

Farming: AQ10 – (Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj)

Farming: AQ10 - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

Farming: AQ10 – Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj:

Welcome to my AQ10 – Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj farming guide. This raid used to be a 20-man raid but has since been reduced to a 10-man. To prevent any confusion, I’ve changed the title from AQ20 to AQ10. This instance is an excellent place to farm, as you can travel throughout the raid instance on your mount and group up and AoE all the trash mobs.

You can find the entrance to AQ10 south of Silithus in Kalimdor, coordinates [36.93].

What To Farm in AQ10?

The loot you’ll be concentrating on here is primarily uncommon pieces: Glorious Plate setLofty Plate set, and Vanguard Plate set. Be warned, the drop rates for all these items are meager, hence why they demand so much gold on the Auction House. So be prepared to do many instances before you start seeing results.

There are other items of interest from this instance, be sure to check Wowhead and TheUndermineJournal (TUJ) for any potentially lucrative items.

The Tactic:

It’s important to remember we’re specifically concentrating on trash mobs in AQ10 and ignoring all the bosses. With this tactic, we can clear our way throughout the whole instance, and once all the trash mobs are dead, we exit the instance and reset it – rinse and repeat to our heart’s content.

Following this advice means we can complete as many runs as we want and, each time, improve our chances of looting some desirable pieces. Not that it’s likely, but remember there is a maximum of 10 instances per one-hour period.

If you kill a boss, you will not be able to reset the instance. Instead, you will need to wait until the instance lockout resets. So please take care maneuvering past the boss(es).

Handy Macro For Resetting An Instance:

Check out this post for a handy script/macro to reset instances quickly and effortlessly.

Map of Silithus, Kalimdor.

How to get to AQ10:

There are two options available to you, starting with the best method.

Option One: Go to the Cataclysm Portals within both Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and take the portal to Uldum. This option will result in you needing to take a short flight from RumkahenUldum to Silithus. Additionally, this portal may not be available to you if you do not have access to Cataclysm content.

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Option Two: Head to the new portal room within both Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and look for the Caverns of Time Portal. Taking this portal takes you to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. This option is slightly longer.

Helpful tip: The Caverns of Time Portal in Orgrimmar is on the bottom floor, below the main portal room. Take the stairs on the left-hand side after entering the portal room entrance.

Clean Your Inventory Before Starting:

Before you make the journey, make sure you have plenty of bag space; if not, use the following mounts; The Traveler’s Tundra MammothGrand Expedition Yak, or the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, and clean your inventory.

Alternatively, use the three vendors located outside the instance, Keyl Swiftclaw, Warden Haro, and Windcaller Yessendra.

Map of AQ20 - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

The Guide:

Above, you can see a detailed map illustrating the route to take and the position of all the bosses within the instance. Please take extra care within the blue circle; pulling any of the mobs here will pull the boss!

Zone One: Scarab Terrace

Enter the instance and group up as many mobs as you can. However, be aware that the mobs do use pushbacks that may result in stunning you. You may wish to limit the number of mobs you pull, but this is entirely up to you and the class you’re playing. 

Once this area is clear, you’ll approach the first boss Kurinnaxx. You can clear the mobs around him when they come to you, when they’re dead, maneuver around the boss from a safe distance and enter Zone Two.

Zone Two: General’s Terrace

We have to be very careful, and why I highlighted it in blue. You can kill the two guards at all three entrances, but do not kill anyone else inside that room. If you pull even one mob, they will all come, including the boss General Rajaxx. Weave in and out of the packs and head into Zone Three

If your class has the option, I’d recommend using Stealth to make this situation more manageable. Also, if you pull a mob or the boss and your class has a Feign Death ability, you can use it to reset the boss.

Zone Three: The Reservoir

There are a lot more mobs here, don’t pull too many. The pushbacks from these mobs are far worse than the ones from Zone One, and they’re multiple pushbacks too. I’d recommend pulling a couple of packs, get into a corner, and AoE them down immediately. Then, rinse and repeat until all the mobs are dead. 

The boss Moam is up in the far right corner, so easily missed. Move on up the long set of stairs to Zone Four.

Zone Four: Watchers’ Terrace

Ossirian the Unscarred is the boss in this zone; he’s located up the stairs on the right-hand side. Just concentrate on the Anubisath Guardians. Round them up and AoE them down. You will get a debuff, but nothing that will harm you. 

Head towards Zone Five once you’ve cleared the room.

Zone Five: The Comb

In this zone, you must make sure you kill the Silicate Feeders. These mobs have a decent drop rate for the plate set items we want. Carefully group the Feeders without aggroing the boss Ayamiss the Hunter (he is above the altar at the back), kill and loot them all, then head down the corridor on the left-hand side.

Check the rooms for further Silicate Feeders as you go through this corridor.

Zone 6: The Hatchery

There isn’t a lot to do here; kill anything you see at the top, go to your right first, kill the pack, then take yourself back around to the other side, as shown in the map above. Finally, you’ll find yourself back at the alternative entrance to Zone Two.

Exiting And Resetting The Instance:

If you’ve followed the directions carefully, enter Zone Two again, carefully weave in and out of the mobs and make your way through Zone One and towards the exit making sure you don’t pull any bosses. 

Once you’ve exited, reset the instance! Now would be an excellent opportunity to clear your inventory of any unwanted trash items. I remind you to use The Traveler’s Tundra MammothGrand Expedition Yak, or the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur to repair and sell your junk. 

Once you’re ready, reenter the instance and rinse and repeat.

Items Of Interest:

The prices used below are Region Median from TheUndermineJournal (TUJ). The valuations are average across the region and could be lower or higher than your specific realm. Enter your realm details for a definitive valuation.

Glorious Set:
Transmog E.U Median U.S Median
Glorious Legplates 65900g 00s 85000g 00s
Glorious Breastplate 7900g 00s 8993g 00s
Glorious Shoulder Pads 8991g 00s 6487g 00s
Vanguard Set:
Transmog E.U Median U.S Median
Vanguard Legplates 22090g 00s 35000g 00s


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.


I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.

Vanguard Plate Set

In my previous two posts, I covered the items needed to complete your Glorious plate set and Lofty plate set. Today , I bring you the Vanguard Plate set. Again, this is a recolour of the original Glorious Plate set. Most of these items, can be farmed from AQ20 (Ruins of AhnQ’iraj).

AQ20 is situated South of Silithus, Kalimdor.

Slot – Item – Average Pricevanguard plate set

Helm – Vanguard Headdress – 7k
Shoulder – Vanguard Pauldrons – 5k
Chest – Vanguard Breastplate – 17.5k
Legs – Vanguard Legplates – 50k
Wrists – Vanguard Vambraces – 8k
Hands –  Vanguard Gauntlets – 4k
Waist – Vanguard Girdle – 4k
Feet – Vanguard Sabatons – 3.5k

These items are highly desired and have an extremely low drop rate, whether you’re collecting these pieces for your own set, or simply farming transmog to sell, these items can easily net you anywhere from as little as 3.500g to as much as 50.000g. This is server dependent of course. Prices will fluctuate depending on your servers demand and competition. So be sure to check the Auction House to see what competition you have. As a rule of thumb, you can always use The Undermine Journal (TUJ) to get important information.

Ive had some success farming items from all three of these sets, but it really knuckles down to RNG and your luck. Drop me a line below and tell me about your experiences, or maybe you’ve made a nice sale, selling these items.

Anyway, have any questions, get in touch and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and good luck!