Season’s Greetings…

You’ve probably noticed that there’s been a slight gap between my last post. This has been due to the run upto Christmas. I’m hoping to be able to add some content either during or after the Christmas period. I’m sure you’ll agree, that it’s a stressful time, but with plenty of rewards at the end, especially, if you’re fortunate to have children like myself.

When you grow up, you kind of lose the magic of Christmas, which thankfully, in some way returns when you see your children or grandchildren opening their presents or you whitness that agonising wish on Christmas Eve, to try and get to sleep or Santa wont come! Yes… we’ve all been there!

I’ll be visiting my Brother in-law and Sister on the 28th, and will have a great opportunity to get to try out Legion (Alpha). This will be my first real look at the game. I hear there’s alot of good things. Demon Hunter is a definite and due to my dealings in Transmog, I want to see what the new Transmog wardrobe has to offer.

A little something that you’ll find special. For the last 4 years, on Christmas Eve, I visit a site called Norad. This is a very clever site that tracks/simulates Santa delivering presents around the globe, you’ll notice he’s already doing his rounds now. Wait till the children see this, they’re absolutely amazed.

Anyway, wherever your celebrating Christmas, be sure to stay safe, enjoy and be merry.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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